You Will Never Be Able To Communicate In The English Language


“You will never be able to communicate in the English language!” So pronounced my English teacher during my senior year of high school. Now she’s a retired teacher, and Girl reading English I’m a fairly well known writer. MOVE b**ch, get out da way! Two factors contributed to this. The first was the advent of the internet, and the second was my decision to completely forget everything I learned in school except typing class, a skill that served me well over the course of a lifetime.

When you toss in the word “public” there is a negative connotation. Public Works, Public Toilets, Public School. See how that works? The cookie cutter nature of the school system is restrictive to free thought. The kids who think outside the box are usually ostracized, and yet in the long run those very kids are the super achievers. They are the Steve Jobs, the Thomas Edisons, the Donald Trumps and yes, even the Barrack Obamas!

I had a pretty “Texas” childhood. I was in the fourth grade before I could recite even half the alphabet, and trying to read hurt my eyes, and angered me. What my teachers couldn’t teach me, my father did, and he did it with Superman comic books because that’s how he taught himself to read when the public school in Benton, Louisiana failed him in 1929! My dad taught me communication, not English. I’ve held onto that model since then because if your readers can’t digest what you’re saying, wading through all the proper syntax, with good sentence construction you might as well just shut up and let someone else write who can make him or herself understood.

A teacher’s job is to light a fire in a child’s mind. If that fire can be lit, it’ll spread. The insatiable quest for knowledge cannot be quenched, but the fire must be lit first, and today’s public school system simply cannot do that! When a child grasps reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic, if you haven’t got their interest by then you have failed as a teacher. Worry about your 401K, and stop pretending to be an academic.

President Trump realizes this. That’s why HR 610 and HR 899 were introduced to end the Department of Education, and institute a voucher system. That’s why many states have organizations springing up to raise home schooling to the same level as public school, and remove the stigma of home schooling. I went to public school. I learned LUNCH, and how to smoke in the boy’s room. My father taught me to read, count money and find my way to downtown Shreveport. I learned how to Communicate in the English Language, and moreover, how to listen to others who didn’t know what an adjective was either.

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