Saul Lofgrinsky: How to Derail Liberal and Republican Lies

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How to Debate Liberals on Social Media

The most important debate practice to do when facing a liberal’s false or distractive claims is to point out their lies, graciously. Otherwise, they become encouraged that lying is appropriate, and do it more and more people get hurt.

Alinsky taught them “power is what the enemy thinks you have.” Unconfronted lying is a power they believe they have because conservatives don’t confront them. So now it’s in the mainstream media and liberal and Republican politicians’ list of acceptable tactics.

Make sure YOU argue with only facts, don’t use opinion, belief, or feelings. Facts always come first in important discussions.

Then, after you find proof of their first lie after the debate starts – simply point it out as blandly as you can: “This is a lie you wrote….<description>… and you repeating it DOES NOT make you a liar.  You’re only a liar if you knew it was a lie.”  And don’t provide the link for the proof they repeated a lie.  Because 99.9% of the time, the person is pretty sure they were lying – because they didn’t fact check it.  They want to agitate.  So they don’t get apologetic, they get amped up or change topics.

If they change topics, point out they made an “…obvious, fake debate tactical diversion by ignoring that last fact because it was powerful.  You guys love to steer everyone’s eyes away from what you know is important.  Let’s talk about why you avoid that fact. ”

  • If they are honest (rarely), an honest person tries to clear away the misperceived appearance of a lie or evasion. Thank them for apologizing and move on.

99.9% of the time, they choose the most common liar’s responses:

  • “You’re crazy.”
  • “Where did I lie?”
  • “You called me a liar, I’m insulted.”
  • “I was making perfect sense, not changing the topic.  Calm down, dude, you’re acting so angry and mean.”

NEVER answer their questions after this.

  • Remind them, first, that they forgot to deny they were lying, and they did so because they knew they were lying.
  • Or if they changed topics, repeat the point their evasion was obvious.
  • Tell them “I won’t answer any more questions because you lied, now we can’t trust you.”
  • Block the other liberals joining them to defend. Isolate the first liar.
  • Graciously obstruct all their posts, don’t let them change the topic from the fact they lied to everyone, an act of hate, of contempt.
  • If they ask you to find their lie, say “That means you know you lied, and you’re asking me to show it to you, I won’t play that game.”
  • If they say “You called me a liar,” then point out “No I didn’t – you assumed I was correct, and antagonized me by claiming the name calling – I did not. I only wanted to point out you appeared to be repeating a lie, and I hoped you’d apologize for repeating false information when I pointed it out.”

    Recent Example

    Flushed out:  Here is a liberal exposed by following the Saul Lofgrinsky Liberal Counter-tactics:

    Someone posted my observations about how liberals attacked Bush just as much as Trump – even though Bush was perfectly “PC” in his public decorum.  Here is what followed:

    Billy:  Once I hear the equivalent of “oh, yeah, they did it first,” I tune out. Integrity is being the same way you always are. Blaming bad behavior on others is what grade-schoolers do, not leaders of a nation.
    John :  More fake debate, this is a strawman, because my claim was not “they did it first.”
    Billy : Particulars. It’s the same thing.
    John : Fake debate – It is not the same thing, that is a false claim.
    John : You’re just making stuff up.
    Billy : Lol ..ok
    John : Readers: When a deceiver laughs at a remark, it means they have been exposed, and have begun to try to antagonize the exposer.

    Then he reveals he was lying, and changes the topic!!!
    Billy : It is a good read.  Your summation is on point. < topic change coming!!! > Which brings us to the crux: a generation devoid of humility……
    John : Thank you for admitting it. An apology for faking debate is also in order, you tried to fool me, that is contemptuous, hateful behavior.

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