JFK Just For Kicks

JFK Just For Kicks

Well, we were deluged with “thousands” more top secret documents pertaining to the JFK assassination yesterday with more to come. The reason giving for holding back on JFK Just For Kicksthe remaining documents was, of course, national security.  Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but is the national security issues in 2017 the same as 1963? I mean the Soviet Union is gone, Castro’s dead, and Oswald is darn SURE dead!

When you combine all the conspiracy theories attached to that day, and count all the shooters supposedly in Dealey Plaza it’s a miracle anyone got out of there alive. And the “proven” confessions from “well known monsters” would fill a library. I’ve had my own ideas, which are quite simple actually. Nerd in a window shot the President in the back of the head. The logic of that confounds people looking for shooters in the grassy knoll, in sewers, in the freaking presidential CAR, and even in the crowd.

The grassy knoll thing is a joke. Anyone can draw a straight line from the proposed location of this legendary sniper to JFK’s head and quickly see how dead Jackie would have been had that shot actually been fired.

Then there’s the cockamamie idea that Oswald either couldn’t have hit the car from where he was, couldn’t have fired the three shots, or he wasn’t skilled enough. I’ve BEEN to Dealy Plaza. I could have hit JFK with a slingshot! Oswald was a marine just like Charles Whitman.

Oh, and let’s not forget Jack Ruby, the only Jew who became a “made” man in the Italian Mafia. That is really the only perplexing thing in the entire study. Small time pimps simply do not become puffed up in a fit of patriotism and shoot prisoners at the police station!

Not long ago I was watching yet another film on Netflix expounding a new idea on the JFK thing. There was a scene showing the motorcade turning toward the Texas School Book Depository with a full view of the sixth
floor window  I did a quick screenshot and went to my camera roll. After pulling up the picture, I took my fingers and expanded it and there, in plain view, was a man with his hand resting on the window sill  you didn’t even have to strain to see it. The question isn’t was the man there, the question is who PUT him there! Guess that’s gonna come out in the next installment of JFK Just For Kicks!


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