That Was The Week That Was

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That was the week that was, it’s over, let it go. With the regularly scheduled civil war on the horizon, we worked our way all the way back to the assassination of JFK. Donald Trump has accomplished one thing, if Girl reading Englishnothing else. We have gone from Obama’s trans-sexual, Islamic America to a first class bitch fight in a winner take all situation. Trump brings real time economics to people who’ve been led to believe that money grows on trees, and white people owe black people restitution for things that happened centuries ago.

We pay homage to countries that kill little girls for dancing, by oil from people overseas when Texas has more oil than they’ll ever have, and feed people who are doing push ups in front of the welfare office. Thank you Lyndon Baines Johnson! Oswald shot the wrong guy. Trump is going to change all that and the liberals don’t like it. But then, nobody likes an enema.

Most Americans, or at least sixty three million of them, would like to see the nation back on track and happily got on the Trump Train when it pulled into town. Trump is the most controversial president since Lincoln. It’ll take that to fix all the problems in a nation that doesn’t know where to pee! I’ve heard all about how Kennedy was so popular when the fact of the matter was whomEVER put the plan together to off that womanizer and chased him all over the country trying to get a clear shot finally succeeded in Dallas while he was in town trying to shore up the badly splintered Democratic Party. Maybe the GOOD man was sitting up on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depositary!

So, that was the week that was, but it’s really not over, only began, and we can’t let it go, we’ve let it go for too long as it is. God Bless our president, God Bless our nation, and God Bless you, dear reader for putting up with this Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin. I’ll try to earn your respect

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