Utah Raging

Utah Rising
Karrie helps compose this article

Utah Raging

How much do you know about what is happening next door? Most of you will say “not much”. How many of you know how many children in your community are in foster care, or how they come to be there,

Utah Rising
Karrie helps compose this article

or what happens to them? I know, not much. Let’s face it, most folks are working too hard at their jobs, and raising their own children to poke their nose into too many peoples business. Truthfully, most of us look at child protective services much the same way as we view the criminal justice system.

You know, lots of kids need advocacy just like lots of folks need to be locked up; if some people fall through the cracks, that’s the price of civilization. It’s what I’ve always believed, its what most of you believe now. As I write this article a ten year old girl watches over my shoulder and the next words I write are hers:

Sometimes the CPS will lie’. It’s true. Sometimes the CPS will lie. Let me tell you the story of this little girl, and her journey through the cracks; after all, it will only take a minute, and it might change your mind about just allowing CPS to operate in your neighborhood without your knowledge, or permission. This little girl,let’s call her Karrie, was one of five children born to a mother and father who would ultimately prove to be unsuitable to raise children. Following several investigations by CPS, and several interventions, Karrie and her brothers were removed from their home. Turns out that was CPS doing what they were supposed to do.

Hello this is Karrie. I want to say what happened. I want you guys to know something about CPS. Sometimes you may think of CPS as a flower. but CPS is actually evil,mean,and cruel.cps makes you think you’ll be put in the best home ever,but actually they put you in a new home and the people in there will abuse you. And that’s why you should never trust CPS.

A little shaky, but here. So, to quote Bill The Butcher, “And that folks is the minority vote”. Karrie and her brother were removed from the foster home because she almost died there, they were adopted by their grandmother. All five of them, where they have remained for seven years; they bear the scars, both on their bodies and those that we can never see to this day.

Throughout those seven years this family has been attacked again and again by people whose motives I cannot even guess at. Meddlers, people with twisted thoughts, folks striking at the custodial parents through the kids…It leaves me empty of hope to think that people like that walk among us. Each and every case was unfounded, and closed. Each time that happened another attack would inevitably occur; but by now CPS got the memo, and started getting to know this family, and in Texas, the CPS began to support the family they made. Happy ending right? Wrong. After a couple of years the custodial family decided to move to Utah for a fresh start, where the past could be, you know, the past. If you’re hooked, and I don’t see how it could be otherwise, look for the next article in this series, Utah Rising in the next few days.

Bill the Butcher
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