These Were Bad Men and The Whores Weren’t Ladies Pt II

These Were Bad Men

It doesn’t matter if ANTIFA committed, inspired, or just thought about the Texas Prayerbook massacre, they’re gonna take the hit for it because these were bad men, These Were Bad Menand the whores weren’t ladies. ANTIFA has been running its mouth about killing all Trump supporters, whites, businessmen and everyone else they considered more fascist than themselves for so long that they have earned the honorary title of scapegoat and will now recieve their just reward which is the Darwin Award for 2017.

Y’all be all shocked, huh? Well, don’t be. Sucks to be them. Oh, along about 2037 or so some Hollywood director will make a movie where the last scene shows some fetching ANTIFA chick with a rope around her neck saying, “FREEDOM!” while Bubba kicks a five gallon paint bucket from beneath her feet. Why is this arousing me. I may need to see a shrink.

It doesn’t matter if the Texas Church shooter was ANTIFA or couldn’t even spell the word. America needs an exorcism and ANTIFA’s been puking pea soup for a WHILE! FOX will say he had an ANTIFA mask on his DOG and CNN will swear to whatever god THEY pray to that he was just trying to defend himself against a rowdy Deacon. STOP LISTENING TO THESE IDIOTS!

ANTIFA is the most repungent, ignorant bad men in recent memory and for real, their whores AREN’T ladies. Just as everything else’s that’s come out of the Millenial generation ANTIFA is the same low key, stupid disorganized crap that has come out of that quadrant for years.

Guilty or not, ANTIFA will take the hit, and really, that’s a good thing. Thin the herd so to speak. Maybe, in a hundred years on some night sunny Saturday a bunch of punch drunk kids will be pulling THEIR statues down!

Bill the Butcher
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