The Public School System


When I was in the seventh grade my home room teacher, Mrs Millsap, would read us one chapter from a classic book, and explain it as she went along. We hung on her every Public School System word. Her readings touched on history, literature and practically every other aspect of the human experience. She didn’t just ramble through Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she took us there, and yes, the Civil War was all about slavery, and yes, it was wrong. Mrs Millsap died, and she took the public education system with her.

The public school system is about as useless as those things that hang off a boar hog. It is an open door for the CPS to harvest children for the National Pedophile Network, after the teachers get through with the kiddos of course. About the only thing worth a damn was lunch, and Michelle Obama screwed that up. It grinds out Mcdonalds employees, and if the cash register centered on numbers instead of pictures of Big Macs they couldn’t even do that. You may swat them bees now.

And you wonder where ANTIFA came from! It came from the pubic school system. Millions of dollars are put into this defunct game like throwing money at a wild hog’s butt in a Vegas casino. President Trump is in China right now and all those kids can read! And ADD! A child home schooled in America is head and shoulders above one sitting through classes while the teacher drones on about the virtues of anal sex. Had enough? Want a solution?

Vouchers! Make home schooling at least equal to public schooling, and give that tax money to parents who do it! Simple. Public schools would either straighten up or close. Children who are home schooled and read, write, and add. In addition to that they may take an interest in what mom and dad do for a living. Yeah, yeah, yeah, mom might be a stay at home mom, and little Kimberly learns to cook and change diapers. Deal with it! All public schooling teaches is how to run a meth lab. And they can’t run it right. That’s why they keep blowing up!

You think the Millennials are bad? Wait until you see the next generation of nimrods these public whorehouses turn out. We’ll be begging the Mexicans to take over. They can READ! America has gone to hell in a hand basket, an IMPORTED hand basket because there’s not a single public school that can teach basket weaving. They’re too busy studying their butts! Do this; ask your ten year old to make out a grocery list. If they can’t, get them drug tested and then HOME SCHOOL!

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