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What I’m running into here is what happens when religion is taken to the Nth level. I’m including one of my articles here expanding on that thought.

When I wrote “Joseph Did You Know” I was considering the Mormon Faith’s effect on culture. No one can deny that an abiding The God Hole

belief doesn’t help people in an adverse situation. I’m always amazed that for people striving for heaven they consistently find places that look like hell to make their stand.

There has to be rules and law if you are to have civilization, but when you begin to drill down on the law, and man serves the law as opposed to the law serving man you get Mormonism, Islam and Southern Baptists.

What I’m up against here in Utah is a system that has evolved to the point that a mere child’s accusation can be taken the full distance from accusations to removal of a child with absolutely no proof and no transparency or rule of law. The only rule is what’s floating around in someone’s head and most of those heads here are Mormon!

Now, I’m not going to debate the merits of Mormonism here because like all organized religion it is simply a manmade corporation originally designed to help a people survive in a desert and evolved into McDonalds, and if that hurts I’m sorry.

Religious debate is saying your invisible guy in the sky can whip someone else’s invisible guy in the sky. It’s like a political debate in a Residential Treatment Center. Medication time!

I intend to form allegiance with groups here in Utah to effect political change and put the rule of law where religious dogma has held sway for almost two centuries. It won’t be easy. The God Hole is hard to heal but if there is a God then He made that hole, and he didn’t intend for it to be filled up with crap!

The God Hole

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