Just before sunrise, it is the darkest of that 24-hour period. Then almost magically, a sliver of pink will come into view, then as time passes, the sky will get brighter and brighter. And it has been the same for the Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One investigation. As time has passed, more and more light is being shown on the very nefarious deal that ended up giving Vladimir Putin and the Russian military some 20% of the United States Uranium riches.

Miraculously, according to documents being released and an FBI Whistleblower, we are now finding out just how deep this scandal goes. For the first time in the Clinton Crime Family’s history, there might finally be enough evidence and the willingness to put away these treasonous former leaders. Will Obama go also? Time will tell, but it is beginning to look like the Clinton’s might have finally met their personal Waterloo.

The irony in all this is, President Trump gave Hillary an opportunity to retire and go live a peaceful life. All she had to do was to keep a low profile, go home to Chappaqua and walk around in the woods and she would be given the respect that she had earned, but no, Hillary had to keep criticizing Trump and the administration at every opportune time. Like a Chihuahua with an attitude, Hillary has continued barking until she has finally awoken the Rottweiller. And this Rotty is in a nasty mood.

As if Uranium One is not enough, according to this Fox News article, the Clinton Crime Syndicate is also under heavy scrutiny for Bill’s previous sex scandals, and some of them might still be punishable.

Up until now, the United States has never considered prosecuting a Secretary of State or a First Lady. The closest we ever came was charging Richard Nixon with “Obstruction of Justice,” and that was actually nothing more than a threat to have him step down as President. The tide might have just turned with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Their crimes are far and away more grievous not only against the law but the entire nation, not to mention our national security.

While the Attorney Generals Office is not talking about what they know, Fox News has put together several times lines with bank deposits, etc. that we do know. The most damning fact is that; just before the approval of the sale of Uranium to Russia (and much of this was run through Russian owned companies in Canada, so it appeared legal), deposits totaling over $140 Million were deposited into the Clinton Foundation bank accounts from Russian interest. This doesn’t include Bill Clinton obtaining hefty pay raises for speeches in Russia. Before Bill went to Moscow, his average paycheck for a speech was around $100-150,000 give or take. With Hillary negotiating a Uranium deal, this fee soared to a mind-boggling $500,000 for each time Slick Willy trotted up to the microphone in Moscow. Is this by coincident?

With the potential of charges of this nature, it is inconceivable to me that Hillary is still running around the nation on a book tour and slamming this administration the entire way. Her egomaniacal desire might be to keep her mug front and center in the media, but what she doesn’t realize is that the American people do not like her. She may believe this is a good thing, but the fact is, it is not and is becoming quite detrimental to her as most of America now wants her arrested! Even a Washington Post poll last year had 56% of the American people saying the Comey exoneration fix was crooked and she should have had charges brought against her for the 33,000 emails that she had bleached.

There was once upon a time in our land when Bill and Hillary Clinton were revered. Bill was the soft-spoken boy with all the Southern charm, and he had an innate ability to look into the camera and transmit to the citizens his love and compassion to most everyone. How many times did we hear; “I feel your pain” when a tornado would ravish a town, or gasoline prices would spike, or some lunatic would slaughter a group of people? The Clinton’s were young, full of life with a younger child and it was evident that the United States was trying to re-live the golden times of the Kennedy Camelot years. Not anymore!

Today the Clinton’s are viewed with disdain as their reputations for greed, corruption, deceit, and lies have taken over anything good that they had ever accomplished. Whatever good they achieved while Bill sat in the Oval Office or Hillary might have gleaned as a Senator has been erased. Today the American people just want them to go away. There was a time that “had Hillary been found guilty if they were even to prosecute, which would have been doubtful,” she would have walked. Her compulsive need for attention and her inability to be genuine and truthful have changed all that. Today, the American people want her handcuffed and doing the “Perp-Walk” for the television cameras. I can’t say that I blame them. Two years ago, had you asked me, I would have said, “we will never prosecute a former First Lady or Secretary of State.” Today, I am not so sure anymore. I can actually see this happening under a Donald Trump administration.

Source Ken Crow


  1. Maybe a distraction BUT…have not heard anything in a loong time about Impeached Past POTUS Clinton selling off National Parks foreign governments (while in office) Is that just fake news or did they just bury it?????

  2. The conceit and criminal record of the Clintons is disgraceful and treasonous. They have literally escaped arrest by a political party with so much money, power, and the support of george soros it seems the government of the United States of America has let them run free for over 27 years. Are we a nation of good people, or just another banana republic?

  3. The Clintons are guilty of fraud, theft, treason as well as suspects in more than one suspicious death. The government of these United States has allowed them to continue their crimes because of the power and money and the support of george soros.
    Is the United States of America standing for freedom and justice, or just another banana republic?