Utah Is Under Assault


Utah is under assault by the Child Protective Service! Most Utah people are unaware of this as they hide their children from prying Utah Under Assault eyes, whistle past the office of child procurement and pray to Heavenly Father that their children reach maturity without being kidnapped, raped, or locked away in a mental institution as a protective device to at least know where they are!

On a normal day in Brigham City, a detective along with two case workers race to the home of a widow raising five special needs children to search for brain matter and semen and a battle axe in a closet based on information supplied by an elementary school principal who got his facts from the last little girl he had on his lap, a girl who lured other little girls to a park in order to fill the needs of a pedophile ring operating from as far away as Denver and Montana.

You think I’m making this up? I just returned from there and watched as law enforcement, the Department Of Family Services, and the school board bastardized every state and federal law they came across while the people of that town were fully aware, saying nothing, because if they did the “department” would take their little girl next!

There have been efforts by the feds to correct this, once in 1994 and again in 2008, and on both occasions the people charged with guarding our most precious commodity, our children, baited and switched the government, going right back to business as usual the moment the investigators left. One lawyer in Brigham City stands between the families and the CPS. His first name is John. John is a Mormon who lives up to his Temple recommend, but even he will advise clients to let the department have “something” in order to get free of the tactics of the CPS.

But, like the song says, “Times they are a changing” because there is an underground resistance movement in place that is becoming more and more apparent. On the surface it appears to be against all things Mormon, but the Mormon people are not the problem, the criminal element using the natural inclination of Mormons to live and let live is being exploited to allow these legal and illegal abominations to abound. Salt Lake City had a lesbian mayor, which may rub some the wrong way, but it shows Mormon influences abating in the Mormon theocracy, which is a good thing.

In Ogden, Utah today a little girl woke. She’s in a mental ward because the last strains of the attack on her family by the Brigham City principal, law enforcement, and Department of Family Services is winding down and soon she’ll be free. In twenty years or so that girl or someone like her will place her hand on a Bible, raise her other hand to take an oath of office, and it will be payday! On that day the good people of Utah will be able to be family again in safety. The dream of the pioneers will be firmly will be firmlyin place, but for now, Utah is under assault.

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