Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment. Boy, it took me a while to put this article together. First, I had to sort through six ex-wives and assorted girlfriends to see how many women I’ve pissed off over the years. I’m fairly clean, I Sexual Harassment think. Relationships have become treacherous waters these days with men marrying men, women marrying women and dogs marrying cats. Still, even though I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin I can understand the feelings of someone who thinks she’s a contributing member of an office only to find herself propositioned by a man in a powerful position.

If you are not attracted to someone a sexual advance can be at the very least disgusting, and at the top end horrific. The powerful man holds your job in his hands plus your dignity. Imagine burning the midnight oil with someone, working on a project that everyone is applauding only to find he only wanted to get you alone. All your self worth GONE! Enter self doubt, disgust and even hating your beauty that seemed to override your education, qualifications and humanity.

What sets me back a bit is my Nashville days when a girl would do anything to anyone in order to get a deal. They’re no better than the predator who uses them and those women cloud the issue when they emerge ten, twenty, or even forty years later claiming their whole life was ruined because someone slapped their butt back in 1981. What were you doing at Bill Cosby’s house in the FIRST place? You took that movie role anyway didn’t you?

But, when any person, man or woman, demands a sexual price for success they are wrong! Today the lead anchor of NBC News was fired on the spot for being stupid. Let’s look at that. Fame, fortune, cushy job, more money than GOD, and just gotta approach some girl who thinks of him as a friend. Who does that? Someone who is so caught up with himself that he’s lost all decency, that’s who.

The rules of engagement have changed and as more and more women come forward others will be empowered to tell their story. As these stories are gathered and analyzed a new morality will emerge. People will always be people, and if people weren’t attracted to each other there wouldn’t be any more people but when you kiss a lady she simply must kiss back. If she doesn’t then you just crossed the line. Women have to be able to be themselves without being taken advantage of. Sexual harassment should be dealt with in the workplace severely. No one accidentally does that. It is a deliberate act, and the result should be deliberate. I wouldn’t know HOW to sexually harass a girl. Shoot, I can barely get a dinner date.

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