M & Ms! The last thing I wanted to do was get involved in another battle with the Child Protective Service. Equal to that was to debate religion, especially Mormon religion. God, in His infinite wisdom, rolled both M&Msissues into a celestial joint, and passed it to me so here we are. In true Butcher fashion I am going to address the foundation of the faith and apply it to the methods used by the CPS to undermine families and procure “product” for the ever expanding child trafficking industry.

Faith is just that, faith. Those things unseen, but believed that make life make sense. Little girl dies of cancer and you ask why? The atheist feels the pain and concludes the universe is a harsh place where you take what comes. For the believer there must be a reason, and if a creator made the universe then that creator simply must have had a reason to take the little girl, and it hurts a little less.

All religion is based on unproven theories. Moses led the exodus yet not one shred of evidence has ever been found. Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, which quite handily left no proof except in the hearts and minds of believers. Mohammed flew to heaven on a winged horse, and flew BACK! Uh, yeah. And Joseph Smith found a chest full of gold that would make Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars drool. Oh, an angel took it back to that great safe in the sky.

When the CPS found its way to Utah it came upon very fertile ground. A people trained for generations to pay, pray, and obey. An organized church that controlled virtually every aspect of life from birth to death and beyond. An exclusive society that was forged in adversity, indeed relished in it, believing that very rejection by the so called Main Stream was proof of the truth of Mormon doctrine. This mindset developed a culture that nurtured families and provided a culture anyone would be happy to be a part of. So how in the world did such an ungodly, perversion such as the CPS become so entrenched into that culture?

It happened because the Department Of Child and Family Services insidiously injected itself like a virus into the very fabric of Mormon culture using the same methods Joseph Smith used to raise and sustain the church! The laws used to tear apart a family so closely follow the excommunication ritual of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as to make the people of Utah comfortable with it. When a Mormon steps outside the fold, and is removed from fellowship their family itself bears the stain and will shun that person. When a parent is merely accused of child abuse the case is over and done. The conclusion is already arrived upon long before court. They are guilty and the only thing to be debated is what level of punishment is to be inflicted. That is written into their very Law!

Entire neighborhoods are alerted, secret meetings held, warnings issued as the family so attacked fights for survival, trying to defend itself from accusations stemming from a conversation between two ten year old little girls filtered through a school principal to a CPS worker with too much time on her hands. From conception to conviction not one shred of evidence is required. Golden tablets! When the accused retains council they are told to humble themselves and do as they are told or suffer the wrath of the inquisition because there are charges being held back to subdue any parent even referring to the constitution of the United States. The child can recant to no avail because once the CPS smells blood they go in for the kill. If the child was actually abused doesn’t weigh in the process as much as the desire of the faithful to insure said process remains in place, because they know if they rise up their child will Be next!

What drives the machine is a tiny fraction of poorly trained, basically illiterates who inflict their will upon a people taught from birth to obey the rules no matter how unconditional and downright criminal those rules are. We have a paradox here. While the church actually created this problem that same church can solve it. I’m not suggesting in any way that the Mormon people are bad, flawed, or any different from Baptists, Methodists, or any other group, but they have followed the same slippery slope that gave us radical Islam. Jesus said the law was to serve the people not the other way around. One pronouncement from the Prophet in Salt Lake City would shut this down, close the ranches filled with kids abducted by CPS and free the courts. Until then Mormonism will go hand in hand with Islam. M & M! That is NOT what Brigham Young envisioned for his people. Where is Porter Rockwell when we need him?


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