Mormon Cattle


LaVoy Finicum gave his life for the right of the people. Last week the Bundys were released after months of illegal incarceration. Yesterday President Trump returned public  land to the PUBLIC! The simple act of cattle Mormon Cattle eating grass, grass said cattle had been eating for generations brought down the full wrath of the government upon ranchers. I’d like to point out that cattle graze on Fort Hood all the time and no one gets shot or jailed, but then, they’re not Mormon cattle!

Virtually the entire states of Utah and Nevada was gobbled up by the federal government with an obscure, bastardized “act” that originated to “protect” public lands from the public. This happened because Teddy Roosevelt shot a bear in the Yellowstone area and declared all bears henceforth and forever more to be property of the government.

Naturally the liberals got their panties in a wad and started screaming about Indians and oil, but the people of Utah were dancing in the streets. The problem is when Washington decides to make a mountain a park said park can extend to Canada WITH all the mineral and grazing rights attached. Last year the Bureau Of Land Management casually decided to drain the Red River up near Wichita Falls, Texas so they could frack a little oil, unfortunately in doing that they would kinda put the cattlemen out of business because while we Texans can cure Ebola we haven’t perfected raising Big Macs without water yet, but we’re working on it. While I gave a speech there, with lasers dancing across my forehead, I didn’t see one trans-sexual protesting the oil scam perpetrated by Obama against citizens of the United States. No, they were too busy down on the Rio Grande helping Mexicans over the fence so they could hurry out to San Francisco to shoot a woman as she ate ice cream with her father.

Madness. That’s the word. If you go into any insane asylum and make the patients obey the rules they have a psychotic break like sick dogs, and the Liberal Left has eating grass for a year as Donald Trump serves them a big plate of reality! The continuing attack on the president is outrageous and without merit. As I write this a “pop up” came on my iPhone from the Washington Post about the public being outraged at sexual charges against the president. Well, times they are a changing, and if you don’t believe that just go to the airport this morning and see how many Muslims you greet. We are winning. We are making America great again, and we don’t care who gets married in England

Thank You President Trump!


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