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  • Police Training is the trump card that supplants the law. Folks, the DOGS have police training. Men should be smarter than dogs!

You know, when it comes to interactions between cops and Americans you try to be fair. Be conservative. You try to find some small kernel that will bring the whole thing together, and rest your mind so that the maniacal, Nazi style executions Police Training don’t look like what they really are. I tried. Folks, I really tried, but what happened in Mesa, Arizona makes me seriously see the logic behind ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and every survivalist group from Montana to Texas.

You always hear the phrase, “Police Training.” Let’s break that down. In a court of law police training is the trump card. It’s all cool so long as police training is followed. “We, the jury find officer Inyourface to be not guilty because the little girl reached into her little pink purse for her lollipop after being told she’d be shot thirty times if she did so!”

That’s what it really is, folks. A man was killed for scratching his butt. He ain’t gonna scratch no mo’! The police are protected by a labyrinth of laws that forbid the public from even pointing a finger at them while the point AR15s at us! I know this is hard for readers my age to grasp. In 1950’s Louisiana I was taught if you had a problem to run to a police officer. Don’t do that now! “Show me your hands!”

I’m not going to go frame by frame, trying to explain the events at the LaQuinta. It’s obvious the officer was a trigger happy twerp with a small penis. With at least five other public servants who were equally endowed, notwithstanding the idiot shouting who couldn’t hold a job in a bingo parlor! What I am going to do is provide solutions.

Solution number one. Police training is not the law! The law is the law. The double standard must end. A cop, with a gun on his hip cites a citizen for “rudely displaying a firearm.” They claim it makes people nervous. They make ME nervous because I KNOW cops will shoot me for picking my nose!

Solution number two. Repeal all laws giving the Joker card to the cop automatically during a standup gunfight. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were ARRESTED for the event at the OK Corral and had to PROVE justification in COURT! Oh, by the way, they only shot people who were shooting at them, but then, they didn’t have any “Police Training!”

Number three. At least LOOK at someone before you give them a badge and a gun. Any fool could see the cop firing those shots in Mesa, Arizona was a nimrod! I’ve dated girls uglier than him.

I know this article will make a lot of you mad. I can already hear people screaming that we need police. I got that! But, I also hear that poor man’s last words. “Officer, please don’t shoot me!”


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