Has President Trump Hit the Tipping Point



Whether you or I realized it or not, Thursday, we witnessed a couple of historical events happen before our very eyes.

Not only did we see a 31-year-old tax system abolished and be replaced with a new tax structure, but we also witnessed the United States of America tell the United Nations to cram their ‘anti-Israel and anti-American‘ positions up their bureaucratic butts. Typically these two events would be headlines for days, and they both will be headlines, but the real story yesterday that should have been the headline was; “Donald Trump takes charge and seizes control of the Republican Party.” This is because that is precisely what happened.

The spin today is how Paul Ryan struggled 25-years ago to get a tax-reform package. Senator Mitch McConnell had toiled away at night since FDR was in the White House to get tax-reform done and they both finally see their dreams come true. How much fertilizer is going to be spread is anyone’s guess, but neither story is right in my humble opinion. Remember it was Paul Ryan who kept the funding for Planned Parenthood and supported Barack Obama’s tax and spend policies. The same holds true for Mitch McConnell. Both of these RINO’s have done nothing to help President Trump until they saw the handwriting on the wall and were forced to jump aboard the Trump Train. It wasn’t until they began witnessing America’s disdain for their very liberal Republican positions that they both said “OOPS” maybe we better support Trump before we are burned at the political stake.

Now that McConnell and Ryan have both been steamrolled by the SS Trump Train, perhaps they will fall in line and begin doing what Trump wants without much opposition. It is my prediction they both will and then the House and Senate should fall in line behind their leadership.

Take a bow America! What you’re watching now is the culmination of years worth of hard work by grassroots America (aka; the Tea Party). Think about this. It was the Tea Party in large part who gave us the huge upsets in the House back in 2010. Remember the massive rallies and that November night when the numbers began returning? Remember the horror on Brian Williams face? That was you! That was you standing in the rain and protesting at the State Capital in Madison. That was you riding the trains and buses to the mall in Washington to voice your opposition to immigration reform and amnesty. That was you protesting high taxes by Barack Obama and near rioting for your Second Amendment rights. Call us what you want, call us grassroots, call us blue-collar, call us Tea Party, personally, I prefer, “American.”

The wheels of government move slowly in this nation. Thursday was the victory lap of what was started 7-8 years ago. It took getting the right number of conservatives elected, then it took getting a renegade President elected, but we did it!

What you witnessed yesterday was “We the People” speaking loudly and clearly. Paul Ryan is now owned by the people. Mitch McConnell is in the same boat. These two are now President Donald J. Trump’s “Waterboys,” and they will be carrying bucket loads for “We the People.”

President Trump is fully aware of who elected him, and he has often said that he belongs to the American people. He knows who loves him and has his back, and make no mistake about that. He is very keen on the fact that the Northeast Seaboard old-guard like the Kennedy’s etc. despise him. He knows the lefty’s out in the Bay Area want him burned in effigy. He also knows who filled those stadiums in Alabama, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, and Michigan. Trump knows who his support base is and he is going to give us what we want and what he campaigned on. He is a man of his word, he made a pledge to us, and he is keeping them, come hell or high-water. I found this short but rather cute video and thought you might enjoy it. It is a reminder of that infamous night back in November of 2016. Enjoy!

Let me repeat this and in maybe a slightly different way. We the People elected a man that cannot be purchased, that truly loves this nation and truly loves her people. The left and the media are now “officially” coming apart at the seams because they know what is happening and has happened and how it will change the political trajectory in this country for literally a generation or more.

President Trump’s tax plan is going to cause this economy to explode over the next 2-3 years. We are going to witness large corporations reinvesting in this nation and bringing millions of jobs back to our shores and when this happens, the Democrats know, they will be shoved in a closet and asked never to come out again. With economic prosperity comes positive attitudes, lower crime, and a happier society. When you can take your family to a ballgame that you could not 5-years ago, this is a big deal to most families. That vacation you didn’t think you could afford a couple of years ago, now you can go. Now you can afford to sell that home and buy another one for the extra bedroom you wanted and needed so badly. All of this is possible in a booming economic environment. The American people are not stupid; they know what, why and how it happened. As the infamous Democrat loudmouthed operative (James Carville) so eloquently put it so many years ago; “It’s the economy stupid.”

This Christmas my fellow Patriots, take a bow, be proud of what you have accomplished, because the fact is, you have pulled off a real Davey and Goliath situation. Your support of this President is indeed “Making America Great Again.” We have become the Coach and Owner of the team, and Donald Trump has become our “All American Running Back,” and he is carrying the ball for touchdown after touchdown. We are now winning this game, the Democrats have and are imploding, and it is “We the People” whom shall be sipping egg-nog and smiling this Christmas because we certainly have much to be thankful for.

God Bless each of you, and ‘May the Lord Richly Bless’ your hearts, your homes, your families, and friends this Christmas.