Sons of Guns? Cracker PLEASE!

  • Sons Of Guns? Sons Of Bi#%£es! The Will Haden story brings the light of sanity to recent events that have cost so many so much. He was sentenced to two life sentences plus forty years on Sons of GunsMay 11th, and I think it’s poetic justice that the story didn’t event pre-empt Donald Trump’s Big Mac that day. I mean, even I missed it! On a sidebar I’d like to say To Will, DUDE, you got a hit TV show, more guns than God, New Orleans right down the road, and you can’t find a date outside your twelve year old daughter? You can date a llama in New Orleans! Cracker PLEASE! Wonder how his MMPI is gonna turn out.

I did a piece not long ago where I understood what women go through day to day in a male dominated world, trying to look pleasant and not have that be the focus of their entire existence. I ain’t even gonna lie to you, I CAN’T sexually harass a rabbit! For one, I’m ugly, so the likelihood of be getting in harassment range is highly unlikely, and two, I got no style. All my life I’ve heard about these little signals women give to let men know they’re interested. If Brittany Spears were to stand at the foot of my bed with, “Let’s do it!” written in lipstick on her forehead I’d miss the hint. I’m that clumsy with women.

With Haden was not the case. His victims had rather small foreheads, and apparently he didn’t need that because he assaulted his victims for years, or at least until they began to wear a training bra. Now contrast this with all the allegations coming out now from women who got kissed back when Nixon was president and suddenly they are so offended. The Bill Cosby case for example. Grown women in HOLLYWOOD! Go to a movie star’s house, put the pills in their mouth, and wash it down with Gin, and forty years later stand up there snake amazed ‘cause they drawers came off! Now, I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, but I ain’t THAT simple! They went there for a reason. Else, why didn’t they just throw back shots at LeRoy’s Soul Food Emporium?

We’ve come into a new age. The term, “Steal A KISS” died with Chuck Berry, and don’t EVEN think, “Sweet Little Sixteen,” you’ll get a sign in your yard! I grew up in 1950’s Louisiana. Part of why I’m the way I am is that was the world of dating, chaperones, daddies with guns, and manners. Now we have gay marriage, boys who feel like they’re girls, and then there’s Utah. Don’t even go there, but my point is Will Haden brings us back to center. Women are NOT men. Men are SUPPOSED to lay their coat across a puddle for a lady to step into a car. “No” DOES mean “No,” and girls do have a right to look pretty without being apprehensive. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Sons Of Guns? Blew Haden’s butt out of the water. Swamp water at that! Oh, I understand they have rape classes at Angola. More of a “hands on” kinda thing, and Will has a lot of time to graduate.

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    • Because that’s my style. If black folk can call themselves “Nigga” we can call ourselves “Cracker!” This PC stuff is disgusting. Did you miss the whole point of what this Cracker did. That’s was kinda out there, don’t you think. Sorry you were offended but it is what it is.