The Bill of Rights


The delusion of our constitutional rights began before the ink was dry on the Bill of Rights. The constitution itself was written to constrain government, but the Bill of Rights was specificity composed as a result of government overreach by the powers that were in force at the time in a far away land. The Bill of Rights There was the Magna Carta, but that had also been reduced, and the general opinion was that it didn’t apply to colonies anyway. Yes, we were an English colony, but the original occupants of this land came here to get away from THAT land, and brothers and sisters, it wasn’t a six hour flight complete with movie and a meal.

The Bill of Rights serves to level the playing field between government and the people. It’s black and white, however ever since it came into existence the government has been trying to put a buffer zone somewhere in there by trying to insinuate that the simple rules therein simply do not apply to a given situation. This is done of several ways. Take freedom of speech. You’ve all heard it. While you have freedom of speech you can’t yell, “Fire!” in a crowded theater unless there is indeed a fire. This is a clever distraction. To do so would be disturbing the peace, terroristic threat or even a form of assault. Freedom of speech is any form of expression that harms no one save their feelings. “Hate speech!” Consider that. Freedom of speech means I can say I hate Muslims because I believe 99.999% of all terrorist acts world wide are perpetrated by Muslims. I’m not suggesting any solution for that, though personally I think we’d all be better off if they were all Southern Baptists. Yet when you hear “hate speech” images of David Duke are conjured up and you go to Facebook jail or worse. Freedom of speech zones. Think about that. There is one freedom of speech zone, your mouth. Offensive terms. Nigger, WOP, fat dago, spic, kraught, limey, chink, and cracker! Offending someone is not a crime. Also, offensive political ideas. I’m offended by ALL the Clintons. If they have a dog I don’t like their dog. That and $4.86 will get me a coffee at Starbucks if I were to go there, which I won’t because I think Starbucks is a liberal communist company who will spit in my drink because I’m a white male which makes me a second class citizen in California. But it’s all freedom of speech.

The second amendment. One line! Simple. It was included because the first thing British troops did upon arriving here was to confiscate any and all guns and wrap them around trees because they knew if the colonists had guns they could resist. I once made a side comment that if we could redo the second, perhaps it would be better to just say, “Y’all can have guns!” Two problems right up front. Opponents would quickly challenge who “y’all” is, and just what is considered a gun? Is a rifle a gun. If you go by the USMC definition a rifle is fired from your shoulder, and a gun from quite somewhere else. If we all used this understanding of just what a gun is perhaps wars would be more pleasant. When this amendment came to be everyone had similar guns, indeed the Green Mountain Boys could out gun the British troops. As time progressed the government became a bit more equal than the people. With the 20th century the scales began to skew toward government superiority and soon we were struggling to carry a pocket knife to defend ourselves against a SWAT team, I crappith Thee NOT! This goes right back to the word “people.” When the second amendment was penned a “people” was a white, land owning man. As the definition broadened, and Mr. Lincoln reminded us that all men were people with rights, and the ladies stepped in and became people, the opponents of gun rights claimed that the word “militia” implied that yes, the right of the people prevailed IF said people were a member of a militia. When survivalist groups began to form militias it was construed that “militia” meant “government militia,” i.e.” the army, national guard, etc, and everyone else was a right wing domestic terrorist. States suddenly began defining this right according to their own standards to the point that openly carrying a pistol into a café in Arizona will be acceptable while the same act in New York City will land you in jail or worse. And for God’s sake don’t try to crawl down a hotel hall in Mesa, Arizona with nothing but your “gun” in your shorts! The system is stacked against the people, and if you don’t believe that just ask yourself; if a cop shoots an armed robber, emerging from a convenience store, and you were to do the exact same thing what would be the result of the two events. The cop would go to the police department for administrative leave. You’d go to the police department, too, and ever how long your leave would be would be contingent upon how much your bail is.

Now for the biggie. The 4th Amendment means no government entity can just walk up and start going trough your pockets. You’ve all seen it. You get pulled over. You know you blew through that stop sign back there, but after you eat that ticket the cop asks if he can search your car. That makes no sense. It would be like you thanking the officer for his time, and then asking if you can date his sister. And even if you expressly state that you do not consent to a search he’ll resort to all manners of reasons he needs to search your car, and in the end, according to his logic, your very resistance constitutes probable cause. At this point don’t forget to SHOW HIM YOUR HANDS, especially your middle finger. (Is that freedom of speech?)

It is said from time to time the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants, not peed upon by law enforcement and judges who legislate from the bench to dilute our rights.  While the world is becoming more complex, always remember that when you stand by and watch your brother being abused the abuser is sharpening his knife for you! The officer who has reasonable suspicion about your brother’s sagging pants will have the same suspicion about your Mercedes. The most important phrase in the Bill of Rights is, “The right of the people shall not be infringed!” Everything else is just commentary.


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