Off The Cuff or Bitch Slap!

  • Off the cuff or bitch slap? Over the years the American public has come to accept the fact that with politicians, especially presidents, what you see is definitely not what you get. This has been proven recently dozens of times as we have learned that the smiling congressman kissing a baby later Bitch Slappropositioned the mother for sexual favors. The president doesn’t speak, the press secretary speaks for him. When the president does speak it’s an “official statement” combed and tailored by Harvard graduates to make double sure it comes off well and doesn’t start WWIII, or irritate that little fat Chink in North Korea. Enter Donald J Trump, mouth esquire !

The big news yesterday was the president talking to a New York Times reporter for about a half hour without his handlers present. Now first off, I ain’t even gonna lie to you, Trump hates

New York Times reporter who interviewed President Trump
Click image for reporter’s take on the interview

the New York Times, everyone knows that. Now work with me here, if you hate somebody, and you’re in a position of power, what do you suppose you do? You bitch slap that person, organization or group at your leisure because they have to suck it up!

I don’t know what the president said, and don’t even need to because the way the Left Stream Media took off after the story told me Mr. Trump hit home and sent all the snowflakes in America for their Tums. Oh, and he didn’t sexually assault anyone.

The Left is so into political correctness that it has stymied all progressive movement, which it what they’re SUPPOSED to be all about in the first place. It’s always nice when your opponent puts him (or her) self in checkmate without you having to make a single move. And you have to be careful calling one of them “him” or “her!” You almost have to sexually assault them to find out what they are, and even then have to inquire as to their opinion, which has equal weight with whatever physical evidence you may have found. Kinda like that scene from Crocodile Dundee!

So Donald Trump jacked around with this fool for about a half hour and all the liberal’s New Year’s party plans went to hell and the world ground to a halt as we all waited to see is One Hung Low over in North Korea would launch another bottle rocket. It was a bitch slap folks! Nothing more, nothing less! We, as thinking America, are blessed to have a straight, upfront honest man in office. See! Right there! I made not one, but two politically incorrect statements. Straight. Did I imply that he isn’t gay, and in my opinion that’s a good thing? Why yes, I did. Man! Am I misogynistic? Been that way all my life. Bet you ain’t mad. But, as long as the liberals are reinventing the wheel it allows the rest of us to make America great again. The well placed bitch slap goes a long way with the weak mind.

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