A Convention of States Is “A Double Edged Sword” – So Choose Your Edge


So you claim the Convention of States Project is “a double edged sword”?

The truth is, all law is a double edged sword when the Supreme Court can fabricate eisegesis interpretations of a law without fear of being held accountable.  Eisegesis reading is to employ unintended, external meanings to a phrase, a meaning not based on original intent.

Exegesis legal reading – original intent – MUST be the ONLY basis for judicial rulings, all lawyers and judges know this well, it’s obvious upon inspection.  Except for activist judges – they pretend eisegesis interpretation is ok.  They are lying.  And they realized 100 years ago they can get away with it.

Thus the constitution is a double edged sword as well, in the hands of a corrupt justice.  The founders knew the Constitution could be usurped, that’s why Mason had them include Article 5 to give the states the power to reign in a corrupt Federal judiciary, congress, or president.  They feared a runaway Supreme Court, or bad amendments like 16 and 17, and we now have both.

Fortunately, we have proof liberal activists aren’t planning to take over COS surreptitiously: Hillary and Soros are funding and promoting heavy opposition to our effort, so to suggest they want to take it over is a bald faced lie at this point, I urge you not to repeat it. We are in effect heavily endorsed – by Soros’ documented and visible opposition.

I also know over 50 people in our state level COS group – we are totally focused on restoring the constitution, not turning over the movement to a bunch of liberals.  We’d love for liberals to help us reform actually – but it will only be to reduce the size of *federal* gov’t, because our rules are cast in stone.   We can only propose amendments to reduce the size and spending of the federal gov’t, and term limits.   To those on the left – they’ll get more government if they want it – at the state level.

Then there’s history – none of the over 30 attempted conventions were ever targets of deception by the opposition – because the convention rules won’t allow it.

It’s going to take good people like you, staying involved, to make sure it goes through to completion. Stop crying wolf and join up:  All great governments were started by small minorities of good people, allied against bad people. That is us.

Get on the Right Edge: Sign the petition, volunteer, donate.

The constitution is already gutted, that’s what my book “Atlas Shouts” and Mark Levin’s books document. The SCOTUS is totally corrupt. That’s the bad edge of the sword. 

Amendments 1,2, 4 and 10 have been stripped like a stolen car.  The judiciary has gang-raped them with illegal eisegesis “interpretations”, which we can prove they KNOW are lies. We MUST restrain the judiciary before this madness goes much further. 

We are on the right, truthful edge of the sword, come join up, we need evangelists.  Sign the petition, volunteer, lead, and donate.


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  1. Jane is terribly misled. As a national educator on Article V, having spent nearly 40 hours a week for 4 years studying the issue, I can assure her and her COS friends they are being misled and used by wealthy corporatist interests through the American Legislative Exchange Council and their Koch money.

    I encourage Americans to read the very brief Article V. No place within it does it authorize a "convention of states." That is the deceptive corporate name they use to market their scheme. Further, Congress calls the convention while states petition Congress.

    Article V was not placed into the Constitution so we could re-write our supreme document when it was being ignored. Everything advocates seek is already in the Constitution, easily learnable via appropriate references.

    The proven method the Founders advised to contain a runaway federal government was to educate and engage the people. Convention of States allegedly claims enough followers making ten times the amount needed to use proven methods to enforce our Constitution. They don't want to enforce it, they want to change it.

    I dare anyone to post documentation showing the intent of the Article V convention option was to control the government. That is silly. Changing a document doesn't make transgressors obey it. The convention option was to propose needed amendments to address any defects that would emerge through use of the Constitution. Since we can all agree that major parts of the Constitution are being ignored, how would we know if those parts don't work?

    COS has been caught numerous times behaving deceptively. I offer one example I documented: https://www.guardtheconstitution.com/2017/07/06/c

    The Founders told us to educate the people, not to take their power from them by changing their Constitution. Let's follow the truth versus some dedicated patriots that are being manipulated and terribly misled through COS fear.

    ""I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. THIS IS THE TRUE CORRECTIVE OF ABUSES OF CONSTITUTIONAL POWER.”
    –Thomas Jefferson to William C. Jarvis, 1820

  2. No, I read that there is a convention and that yes, I believe it can be limited. Even if it were true that conventions weren't required to be limited, you'd still need 2/3 requesting for an open convention. As far as I know, we have ZERO applications (even from Soros) for such an application.

    Also, there is a reason to amend. The system set up by the Founders relied on the checks on balances of the three branches. The Congress could check the power of the courts and, in theory, as stated by the Founders, even the President could refuse to enforce a ridiculous ruling (I believe he was in the wrong in that situation, but Andrew Jackson is the biggest example I can think of where a President defied the Supreme Court by refusing to enforce it. He put it as bluntly as Trump would have "Mr. [Justice guy whose name eludes me] has made his decision, now let HIM enforce it!"

    Things first went bad with the 17th Amendment, which was a blow to federalism, then there was FDR's New Deal and packed courts, then there was Roe vs. Wade, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (the beginning of federal control of education), the Hart Cellar Immigration Act (the beginning of chain migration designed to give the Democrats power), and the Great Society. Then came Roe vs. Wade, then a bunch of other things.

    Since we have no way to rein in the courts or stop an abusive President, we'll have to amend the Constitution to give the states that power to limit federal court power directly, the power to countermand court decisions, the power to directly investigate DC (so we don't need to rely on the DOJ or Congress anymore), etc. Also, we can go after the 16th Amendment for sure, limit Congress's enforcement of the 14th Amendment to its proper purpose (a de facto nullification, at least in red states that don't want it, of Roe vs. Wade, the illegal alien educaiton ruling, Oberfeld, etc.), and maybe, we can go after the 17th Amendment and repeal that too. I also want the states to now raitify treaties instead of the Senate. Corker proved that they cannot be trusted and the fact that they originally voted 99-1 (in favor of this) proves it!

  3. It is the people who established the federal government and by that right have equal say. James Madison said that the Constitution equally enables the general (federal) and the state governments to originate the amendment of errors. Shawn is willing to let our public servants in Washington "change" the constitution by amendment. Convention of States is working to give their voice of authority back to the citizens, so we can exercise right and proper control over our wayward offspring – the federal government.

  4. The constitution you and I love – the one the founders gave us – takes up 35 pages in my little 4×6 booklet. The constitution we currently live under – the annotated constitution- is over 3,000 pages long and gives the federal government virtually any power it wishes to exercise. Article V gives us a legal, constitutional method to reverse this, through our combined state legislatures.

  5. James Madison said (in a letter to Edward Everett on August 28, 1830) that "Should the provisions of the Constitution as here reviewed, be found not to secure the Government and rights of the States, against usurpations and abuses on the part of the United States, the final resort within the purview of the Constitution, lies in an amendment of the Constitution according to a process applicable by the States." (http://founders.archives.gov/documents/Madison/99-02-02-2138)

    The Founders inserted the convention method into Article V of the Constitution for such a time as this. It is time we heed their wisdom and USE it!