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During a conversation with Brother Theo on “RAD,” a condition arising in adolescents involving the underdevelopment of a lobe in the brain in the first two years of life, I came upon the idea that liberals suffer a similar affliction I call DUMB (Difficulty Understanding Most Basics) which causes them to accept anything so long as it doesn’t distract them from video games, or require any form of self discipline. 

The Liberal Left business model of secularism has led America to the state that it finds itself in today. Replacing humanity with challenges to common sense, indeed, the denial of everything that makes humans, well, human, contradicts our very DNA. As politicians, psychologists, and cultural reformers try to remake mankind we suddenly find that you simply can’t replace two million years of evolution with some self help book written by some confused mforphodite trying to skew all reason to the left.

There is a reason the very word,”left”conjures up all manner of social demons. It’s because when you remove all that is compatible with the human condition, all you have that remains is that which is “left!” Libertinism is the wonton pursuit of what feels good, conservative thought is doing what is right. The reason the left fights so radically is like when someone turns up the lights and announces last call for alcohol. Donald Trump brought the insane party of the leftist democrats to a crashing end, and they can’t stand it.

When you look at it, everything President Trump has done makes straight, real estate broker common sense. Preserve the border, end Obamacare, pull out of the UN, and on and on. The reaction of the left from ANTIFA, to Black Lives Matter, to endless, lame brained calls for impeachment only go to show the depravity of left brained people. For years they have tried to patch up their social theories with duck tape, and all they ended up with was an old Lazy Boy recliner with a bunch of right minded rednecks sitting in it, and they can’t stand it. Look at their world. A world where an old man can pretend it’s (that’s right IT’S) a young woman, but if you kiss it you get charged with sexual harassment. I’ll never kiss another girl as long as I live unless she’s in a coma!

And the so-called “world?” England is just as crazy as California, which needs to secede and become part of Mexico. Shucks, all the Mexicans are already there? The very idea that some prince wouldn’t invite the president to his wedding, choosing Obama instead is phenomenal. Where’s Hitler when you need him? We now has a president who will call out leaders like Won Hung Lo in North Korea, and not make any bones about it, and the “world”loses its mind! Just like the UN lost its mind when Trump jerked the money and that “Multinational Peacemaking Force”suddenly discovered that it couldn’t even pay the rent, much less inflict the New World Order on the sixty-three million Americans who delivered that big old spoonful of Castor Oil them.

Well, Trump’s not going anywhere, Wall Street is coming back strong, left is still backwards, and right is straight ahead. I know that hurts some people. It’s so much easier to parade in the street, smoke dope, not work and pretend you’re a six year old girl while you try to hide your five o’clock shadow, but that’s not what mankind climbed down out of the trees to do. I feel so sorry for you. Oh, and your chicks are all ugly. Hmmmm, is that racist enough for ya?

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