A Man For All Seasons


Every now and again there is a man for all seasons. A Thomas More, Jefferson, Crockett or a James Yeager. Someone who stands up, tells it like it is, says A Man For All Seasons what he means, and doesn’t back down when the going gets rough. The world attacks these people. In a society of go along to get along,
men of firm beliefs simply do not fit in. James Yeager is one of those men. Truly a man for all seasons.

The constitution is not an opinion. The constitution was crafted through the wisdom and blood of patriots. The word “Patriot” has received a lot of negative press of late. Those who inflict this are “not” patriots, therefore it only goes to follow they are “not” Americans, and most certainly “not” Texans!

A while back James Yeager put up a YouTube video in which he explained that if anyone “burned” down the constitution i.e. tried to take his guns then someone would get shot. I really like the way this guy gets to the point. Well, the snowflakes took offense and before long the full weight of the government, the liberal left, the dog pound and quite possibly Starbucks came to bear on James Yeager. Death threats (liberals always do that) grabs for his gun license, Family, business and dogs simply because he stood behind the second amendment as it was written.

James stood his ground. He stood OUR ground! But, that’s his business don’t you know. In an era of limp wrist, confused trans this or that James is a resounding “NO” from the past that will not bend or compromise the truths he holds to be self evident. Those truths are evident in the constitution and as I said, they are not opinions to be rearranged by liberal judges who simply cannot fathom one sentence.

James made several news shows as the reporters tore into him, and he stood his ground. He referenced the term “civil war,” but if you have understanding you’ll know that we’ve been in that war since 2008. You should also understand that on November 8, 2016 we fought what amounted to be a new Gettysburg where the people charged up Capitol Hill and took America back. Before that day, however, James Yeager, a man for all seasons, stood up and became yet one more man choosing to cross Travis’s line in the sand.

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