The Contribution of Christianity to the Republic


The tremendous opposition and hatred towards President Trump unmasks a bedeviled and diabolical hatred toward traditional and heartland American values. For instance, consider the visceral hatred directed at the Trump Administration because the Chief Executive policy is aimed towards increasing control along southern border. What sovereign throughout history has not exercised jurisdiction over border security?

The continued allowance of , unrestrained open border traffic in drug and sex rings under the guise of the De Leon type immigration acceptance is unequivocally national suicide. A wall with other increased security methods will do much to alleviate the utter disregard for American sovereignty manifested by increased drug and sex trafficking. These Latin Cartels not only traffic in drugs but also traffic in sex slavery. This too, is detrimental, not only to the girls sold into sex slavery, but also to the health, welfare and morals of the American Republic.

Not only do the Latin Cartels deal in modern day sex slavery, but despite the propaganda to the contrary, much of the Islamic world, like the Ottoman and Barbary Pirates, still engage in modern day sex slavery. Muslim and Latin liberal’s scream of Anglo discrimination against them simply does not change the truth regarding sex and drug trafficking. Perhaps, as some of their more enlightened leaders suggest less screaming about Anglo discrimination and more honest self reflection regarding the seriousness of the poison of drug and sex trafficking would be in order.

Any people, citizenry or nation, based upon a foundation of reasonable morals, health and welfare issues are duty bound to examine the contribution loss of sovereignty over national borders and a collective absence of a national sense of common morality and shared understanding of values does to undermine national sovereignty and unity. Reasonable dissension within a common shared acceptance of moral, health and welfare values is expected in a republic, but a total breakdown of common values manifested by competing cultures and divergent morals will only lead to national disintegration in a middle eastern type boiling cauldron of hatred, violence and societal disintegration. The venerable political commentator Patrick J. Buchanan prophetically discussed as follows.

The citizens of the American republic as Mr. Buchanan suggests must resolve to maintain the values of Western Civilization, especially Christianity, if the ultimate Yugoslavia type disintegration of America is to be avoided. And yet, many political leaders, such as Kevin De Leon (D-LA) are engaged in intense rhetoric and practice to Balkanize America. Such political conduct will eventually lead to the disintegration of the American Republic, the undermining of traditional American values and the dismantling of the United States Constitution.

The brilliance of Western values should, in large part, be identified with Christian values as opposed to a specific ethnic identity or race. The following lecture by Garry De Deweese warns regarding the liberal mantra of “cultural relativism” and postulates the tremendous and reasonable impact Christianity has influenced Western Civilization.

Consider the following debate which focuses the schism between the West Culture versus Eastern Culture. The underlying inquiry is simple. Does the East have a right to undermine Western values through the process of “cultural jihadism” ?
Inversely, the question may be framed this way. Is the West required to commit cultural suicide by allowing massive immigration of people with incompatible and divergent beliefs and lifestyles under the guise of tolerance?

In the United States is the American Constitution the supreme law of the land or inversely is the Islāmic concept of Sharia law supreme? To a faithful Muslim Sharia law is Allah’s law and thus superior to the American Constitution. In general the majority of Muslims believe in the inevitability of “cultural jihad”. The Islāmic concept of “jihad” is inherently incompatible with the American concept of “Manifest Destiny”. Either the American Constitution was inspired by godly men and the United States jurisdiction was divinely manifested to expand from “sea to shining sea” , that is, from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, or alternatively, through the operations of “Jihad” the Islāmic Caliphate is to occupy the whole of modern America. The sovereign has the solemn duty and charge to ascertain from the immigrant which vision of America he or she holds.

To do otherwise, is negligence and treason to intelligently allow admittance of people with such a divergent and disingenuous view of the American dream and promise. Would the Sovereign allow known communist or Nazi subversives into the republic? The same should hold to those whom belong to “La Raza” and the corresponding belief of “Aztlan” or the “Muslim Brotherhood” and their corresponding belief system of the “Islāmic Caliphate”.

Does anyone genuinely doubt to do otherwise is national suicide? The true and loyal American citizens must demand that the sovereign act in their best interests and thus protect their culture, religion and heritage and employment. The Globalist will protect the idea of Open borders and free but unfair trade without thought of the best interests of the common American citizen. These Globalists purchase politicians and market them to the public. The liberal socialist hate America and desire Open borders, in order, to advance the cause of the international “repressed worker” at the expense of American citizens.
Those who hold dear the concept of “Aztlan” want Open borders to dramatically shift the culture of the American southwest to create the country of “Aztlan”-a belief often held by many members (although not all) by “La Raza”. And the Islamists want to wage “cultural jihad” to establish an Islāmic Caliphate in America.

Of course, none of these subversive goals happen overnight and are designed to occur overtime through re-education and massive immigration. For example, dismantling statutes of General Lee, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are a first step. Replacing these statutes with icons of the counter-revolution is the next step. Distortion of American history and re-education are successive steps. The larger transformation, distortion of historical facts and re-education take place over time. To avoid this subtle and progressive subversion America must restore the significance of Western civilization and Christianity. Failure will lead to disintegration and subjugation.

The Open border new age Globalist advocate the needs of a cadre of alleged “elites” ought to perform as “world citizens” without regard to antiquated boundaries of national sovereignty. Moreover, liberal socialists are more aligned with the “global worker” whom in their view should be free to move openly through borders to obtain labor and livelihood without respect to the boundaries or cultures of the nation-state.

Both distinct views relegate nationalism as obsolete and obstructive to world progress. Their propaganda machines against nationalism and the well-being and integrity of the nation-state are unrelenting. However, two prominent founding fathers , Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton acknowledge the significance of sovereign integrity and the pitfalls of uncontrolled immigration. The reader may wish to carefully consider the following expressions from these prominent founding fathers.

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson’s prophetic warning in regards to caprice as to immigration should be well considered by Congress and American citizens in this modern era of sex slavery, drug trafficking and counter-revolutionary encroachment on American soil. Certain conservative commentators, such as Ezra Taft Benson have analogized the Constitution as “ liken to scripture” and the founding fathers as “inspired men”. Clearly, if President Ezra Taft Benson is correct the writings of Hamilton and Jefferson should carry authoritative weight in the reader’s mind.

“If the rights of naturalization may be communicated by parts, and it is not perceived why they may not, those peculiar to the conducting of business and the acquisition of property, might with propriety be at once conferred, upon receiving proof, by certain prescribed solemnities, of the intention of the candidates to become citizens; postponing all political privileges to the ultimate term. To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they put foot in our country, as recommended in the message, would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty.” (Alexander Hamilton as quoted in Alexander Hamilton (Lucius Crassus), “Examination of Jefferson’s Message to Congress of December 7, 1801,” viii, January 7, 1802, in Henry Cabot Lodge, ed., The Works of Alexander Hamilton, Vol. 8 (New York: Putnam’s, 1904).

“The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias, and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family.”
(Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia as quoted from Alexander Hamilton (Lucius Crassus), “Examination of Jefferson’s Message to Congress of December 7, 1801,” viii, January 7, 1802, in Henry Cabot Lodge, ed., The Works of Alexander Hamilton, Vol. 8 (New York: Putnam’s, 1904).

Hamilton calls uncontrolled immigration a “Grecian horse”, referring to the Trojan horse the Greeks bequeathed to the city-state of Troy which ultimately lead to Troy’s undoing. The “Grecian horse” Hamilton refers too allowed for the enemy to attack the Trojans from within the walls of Troy. The enemy within Troy resulted in the conquest, conflagration and destruction of Troy. The “Grecian horse” was Troy’s holocaust. Will uncontrolled, incompatible, continuous immigration be the American “Grecian horse”, which leads to an American holocaust? Are certain members of the California legislature, such as Kevin De Leon (D-LA) enemies within as a “Grecian horse” ? And what of the United States Congress?

Our Western Civilization greatly influenced by Christianity allowed for reasonable minds to differ and eventually allowed through historic progress balance and tolerance in society. However, keep in mind, the brilliance of Western Civilization is the notion of rational balance and free-agency. Nonetheless, to allow this balance to be distorted to disintegrate traditional Western values and the rejection of Christianity will also lead to an implosion, disintegration and destruction of Western values which will lead to the balkanization of the American Republic.
Hence, the best course for America is to maintain her embrace of Western values especially Christianity. President Washington relinquished power and went home because of his Christian values rooted deeply in Western values. Christianity’s influence on Western Civilization and the morals, welfare and health of American values are immeasurable and overwhelmingly positive.

Source Jeffrey E Elliott Esq.