A derisive fight for the heart and soul of America is presently being waged.

On the surface President Trump is the center focus of the dissension from the social democrats on the left and the open border international globalists on the right.

However, beneath the surface the substantive attack from the dissenters are the unalienable rights, immutable responsibilities and obligations of citizenship,the privileges and benefits of constitutional government.
In reality, it is not only President Trump who is under attack, but the traditional American way of life.
The battle cry of the established and entrenched “deep state” arrayed against traditional America is “racism” and “white America” versus those who would terminate the sovereignty of America by permanently maintaining open borders and destructive unfair trade practices. While the battle cry for traditional America are “constitutional government” and “United States sovereignty”.

Under the reasonable concept of “Federalism” and secured by the tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights the respective States retain a certain degree of sovereignty.
Hence, in terms of a States or a State subdivision, such as a given city resources need not be spent enforcing Federal jurisdictional matters. Nonetheless, States and cities also cannot actively block, thwart, obstruct or undermine Federal law.

However when a State or City government actually actively obstructs, undermines, encourages obstruction or intentionally passes conflicting laws designed solely to obstruct Federal jurisdiction their leaders are guilty of obstruction of justice and even sedition against the laws of the United States.

Portrait of George Washington (1732–99)

The American Constitution clearly delegates immigration jurisdiction to the Federal government and not to the States nor State subdivisions, such as local municipalities.
This means under the constitutional precept of “Federalism” there simply cannot be a legitimate designation of “sanctuary state” or “sanctuary city“. In fact, such a designation is in open, notorious, and rebellious against Federal law enforcement and the Constitutional authority of the United States.

Hence, the time has come that State and local government officials engaged in the obstruction of legitimate, lawful and reasonable Federal authority to be charged, convicted and imprisoned pursuant to the laws of the United States. To allow this usurpation of Federal authority to continue will only lead to the eventual dismantling of the constitutional principle of “Federalism” and the ultimate disintegration of the United States. Therefore, for the American constitutional republic to continue unimpeded the core precept of “Federalism” must be preserved. State and local municipalities under “Federalism” do not have to actively engaged in enforcing federal law nor finance federal law or enforcement, provide State or local resources, but must not actively impede, obstruct, or prosecute federal authorities in the performance of enforcing federal law. Certainly, President Trump is uniquely in the same circumstances as Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln in terms of enforcing federal authority, in consequence, of rebellious State and municipal authority.

President Lincoln in November 1863

The constitutional crisis has already reached a point, wherein, federal prosecution of rebellious local leaders and state officials must occur. No doubt, some of these rebellious officials welcome the prosecution, but difficult federal prosecutions against unreasonably rebellious state and city officials may avoid a more bitter civil war. Additionally, the federal government may withhold federal funds from States.

The time for the Department of Justice and Homeland Security to act is now, rather than later when the crisis can become more acute. The old biblical maxm is appropriate during these tumultuous times, a house divided cannot stand.

The dividers, dissenters, rebellious, troublemakers, deceptors, saboteurs, are those seeking to undermine legitimate and lawful federal authority as designated by the American constitution, in order for the seditious to get political gain and power. The price for their treasonous pursuit of political power and gain is to trample under foot traditional American values,the disintegration of “Federalism” and the sabotage of the American Constitutional republic.

Source: Jeffrey E. Elliott Esq.