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Memos and Things That Go Bump in the Night. Again we have another episode of Washington Follies guaranteed to perplex, entertain, and otherwise prove to the unwashed masses that our leadership has gone completely off the rails, and is barreling helter skelter across a cotton field. I’ve read two opinions today about the now famous memo. One on Fox (end of the FBI as we know it,) and, of course CNN (don’t mean crap, let’s move along!)

Now bear in mind, this is a MEMO! It’s not an executive order. It’s not a law, passing through the houses of Congress. It’s not even an order to Wong’s Kitchen for an order of Won Ton soup! It’s a freaking MEMO! A memo composed by a bunch of idiots in some think tank expressing their opinion. Kinda like what I do. You’d think the “govment” would be a tad more on the ball than a drunk guitar player from Austin, now wouldn’t you? No evidence, no wiretapping, not even a dress with a suspicious stain on it. Reminds me of the Utah Child Protective Services, though I think there are a lot of dirty dresses up there, but I digress.

The memo was purported to expose a democratic plot to discredit Donald Trump. Well DUH! Since November 8, 2016 have you heard the democrats say anything good about the president? They were screaming IMPEACHMENT as he claimed victory. Then they attacked everything from his young son to Ivanka. His young son wore the wrong clothes and, in the spirit of their acceptance of anything goes politics, Ivanka had aborted many of his babies. Of COURSE these people plotted and planned to overthrow the government. Democrats haven’t been this mad since the republicans freed their slaves.

From the disrespect of not standing during the State of the Union to ranking members of congress proving that they never read the constitution, we are seeing first hand why we need to Make America Great Again. Donald J. Trump is that big ol’ dose of castor oil this country has needed for a long time. Are there side effects? To rid a body of a cancer you sometimes need chemo.

Fact is for the better part of a week the country has fixated on some inter office note that WE weren’t supposed to see anyway, and you wanna know why? Because the whole thing was stupid. I’m just a Simple old boy from Austin, and even I can see that. This Obamanation has been out of control for eight years. Sure, Obama didn’t have any scandals. He didn’t DO anything. He was a HouseBoy, doing the bidding of his handlers. Hillary was to be Obama 2.0 ‘cept for one tiny detail. What Happened Hillary? TRUMP happened!

Bill the Butcher

Bill the Butcher
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