Mexican Police

Mexican Police

Mexican Police

While dealing with the Utah Department Of Family services I was hard pressed to find a model that I could apply when attempting to figure out how to out flank this child trafficking organization. The Utah DFS operates completely outside the law with the full cooperation if not outright fear from the courts, police, and church. The only way you can tell if they’re lying is noting if their mouths are open. They abide by no rules, not even their own, are mostly illiterate, and superstitious to the point of imagining their theories are real, actual facts written on golden tablets and tucked away from prying eyes. They also do not subscribe to medical science beyond bloodletting or exorcism, and absolutely no regard for psychology at all. Their cure for Reactive Attachment Disorder is placing the child with a good Mormon family in Saint George (the town of choice for little girls) and patting themselves on the back all the way to the bank. Where had I seen this kind of behavior before? MEXICAN POLICE!

Back in the day one of the rites of passage in high school was for a bunch of guys to pile into a ’57 Chevy, and go down interstate 35 to a place in Mexico conveniently dubbed “Boy’s Town.” Don’t look for it on the map, you won’t find it, but anyone in Nuevo Laredo could point you there. You learn three things there. Whatever amount of money you give a bartender is the price of a beer so don’t give him a twenty dollar bill, you don’t approach a girl whose coal pot by the door is not lit, and you avoid Mexican police at all costs.

Mexican Police have never read their constitution if there even is one, will lie to you, arrest you, and rob you for any offense they conjure up in their mind. You can never explain yourself enough because on the outside chance the speak English they’re not listening. And God forbid you brought a girl friend (why in the world would you bring a gringo chick to Boy’s Town) because they will kidnap and sell her. Just like the Utah DFS!

Mexican Police and Utah DFS have striking similarities. They both wear their badges around their neck. They do not understand compound sentences. They fall back on religion when confronted with their immorality. All Mexican Police are good Catholics, and we all know what’s roaming the hills in Utah. The supervisor I met looked like Griselda Blanco, the Florida drug lord. I thought she was shot back in 2012, but apparently not. She’s running a DFS office in Utah now.

There is a language barrier, too. They can pick up most everything you say except words like “law” or “constitution” then its, “No hablo!” Just Like Mexican police the Utah DFS will figure out how deep your pockets are, and will conform your “safety plan” to divert your funds to the cartel . . . and still take your kid because that’s the end game. Little boys are reasonably safe, but if you’ve got a little blue eyed girl? Shut the front door! No, I’m serious, shut the front door. They will move hell and high water to get that kid. Your daughter will be a sister wife quicker than you can say, “Golden Tablets!”

Just like Mexican police, they’ll eventually let you go. And, just like Mexican police they’ll let you know what they could do should you challenge their authority. You’ll be so glad to leave (just like Mexico) that you’ll give anything, sign anything, or say anything it takes to get you to the border.

We need a wall. Not the one between the US and Mexico, but one around Utah! It’ll be easy. Trump can write an executive order diverting church assets until the wall is complete. Make the wall out of cement mixed with coffee grounds. Inspect all vehicles leaving for hidden missionaries under the car, in the trunk, etc. Make illegal all interracial marriages between them and Americans. And, last but not least, have the wall guarded by. . . MEXICAN POLICE!

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