This column today is going to boil all the hyperbole away and look at the gun situation in our nation without rose-colored glasses for any side. As the old-detective on ‘Dragnet’ used to say; “Just the facts ma’am.”


  1. The United States of America has an Amendment in the Bill of Rights that say’s; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
  2. America currently has an estimated 300,000,000 firearms on our streets or locked in a home vault or hung in the back window of a pickup truck with Texas license plates.
  3. Most of the owners of these firearms are legal, upstanding citizens who very seldom if ever even use them, much less, use them for anything other than hunting or target practice.
  4. Cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Detroit, etc. have turned into Americanized versions of downtown Beruit or some town in Syria because of criminal elements which possess guns.
  5. Cities and States who have very punitive laws and gun ownership restrictions, such as, Chicago, Detroit, New York, California, etc. also have the highest number of crimes being committed with guns. Those states having the least restrictive regulations to own firearms have some of the lowest crime statistics involving crimes against persons. In other words, in Fort Worth, Texas, a fellow is not apt to try and carjack at an intersection because the likelihood of that sweet-old-lady having a Glock in her purse is reasonably high.

America’s patience for having to view more mass shootings, particularly at schools and churches has now run out.

The faces of 16 of the 17 victims of last weeks mass shooting at a Florida high-school.And there is the rub. We have “RIGHTS” in this nation, and they’re known as the “Bill of Rights,” not the Bill of Privileges or ‘Bill of If you Obey the Law, you can do this or that.’

Other than possibly a few phrases in the Holy Bible, I dare say that no other sentence or statement in American history has been more debated than that of the 2nd Amendment. A well-regulated militia? Across our nation today, many groups call themselves a militia. In many cases, the argument is made that the National Guard could be called a militia. The 2nd Amendment advocates state that ‘if the need arises, we are armed and ready to go if called upon.’ Are they a militia or are they a quasi-militia?

This a photograph of the original handwritten Bill of Rights. It explicitly does not say “Bill of Privileges.”

Then, of course, you have the 2nd most potent phrase, “being necessary to the security of a free state.” This is the part whereby the advocates for the 2nd will say, “The Founders intent was to prevent government tyranny.”  The next statement is the one that forever seals your ‘rights as rights‘ and not a privilege, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The intent of the Founders here is indisputable. The Right of the People is not vague in the least. The Founders said, “THE AMERICAN CITIZEN”and that cannot be debated. The Founders also said; “shall not be infringed.” That too cannot be debated.

The only portion of the 2nd that can be debated is “bear arms.” Obviously, when the 2nd Amendment was drafted, the only weapons which were available were small canons and muskets. Neither one of these weapons were of much use at long range (meaning over about 10-20 feet for the musket). Beyond that, their accuracy was pitiful at best.

The 2nd Amendment advocates will claim that the Founders intent was for everyone to own the same type of weapons the government holds. In my many debates with advocates on this subject, they (meaning the advocates) will always say that whatever the government has, you too should be able to own that sort of weapon. Of course, my next statement is, “Oh so, I can go purchase my very own Abrahms Tank?” In the interest of honesty, no you may not purchase front-line military weapons. No, you may not own a fully armed F-15 Eagle or Trident Submarine. However, the advocates will and do subscribe to the philosophy that “hey, they have them, we should also.” Anyone have an extra $50,000,000 laying around for an F-16 with a couple of rockets?

On a serious note, they (the advocates) are going to fight tooth and nail to retain the right to own AR-15’s or semi-automatic Glocks. The lefties are claiming these are weapons of mass destruction and should be outlawed. Their argument is no-longer falling on deaf ears. In the wake of Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Las Vegas, churches in the Carolina’s and Texas, and now a Florida school, the American people are finally at the end of their rope as well. These are but a few of the mass casualties shootings over the past 25-years.

Where do we go from here? That is the $64 question that lawmakers are struggling over. This is not speculation on my part; I have personally visited with several of these legislators on Capitol Hill over the past week about this topic. Make no mistake; they are struggling. Their phones are melting down with arguments from both sides, and both sides have very valid arguments. When you have someone who can or could walk into a shopping mall and kill 150 innocent people before the police can arrive in 5-minutes, this is a genuine concern.

The issue with fortifying schools is relatively easy to solve. Schools is a topic the American people would and are eager to live with. Absolutely put a couple of armed guards in each school in this country. At some of your more violent prone inner-city schools, install metal detectors, have a couple of retired police officers or special forces military personnel on duty. You can even throw in the football coach, principle and few more with professional weapons training. That problem is mostly solved.

What about the rest of the nation? Have you been to the Mall of America? On any given day, there will be 25,000 people in this massive shopping center. Christmas time will see visitors numbering in or near six-digits. How do you protect a venue such as this? What do you do when 4-Muslim Somalian terrorist walk into this massive facility with AK-47’s, hand-grenades and pipe-bombs?

The fact is, Churches in our nation can protect themselves by having the Deacons conceal/carry. Schools can be locked down with internal protection with experts who are carrying as well. All of this can be done without infringing on our “RIGHTS.” The rest of the nation is still up for grabs, and I do not have a right answer for that one.

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Source: Ken Crow