Official Portraits Gone Wrong


They’re a total disgrace to the office of the presidency and an affront to America and to ‘We the People’… portraits deliberately painted to mock the reverence of the office that we as Americans hold dear.

In fact, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery should refuse to hang them or else hang them in some back closed-to-the public room. And why…for out of all the great African American artists they and the Obama’s could have chosen to paint their official presidential and first lady portraits, they chose two of the most untalented paint-by-numbers sorts to bring shame to the Portrait Gallery and to all presidents and first ladies past.
In fact, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s portrait, done by Kehinde Wiley, looks like some …“wham! bam! pow!”… cartoon style comic book rendition of a man sitting stoned in the middle of a drug field, but then again the suit the artist wore to the unveiling looked as bad and undignified as his painting.

Sorry but at an official event that is known to garner as much attention as this one, one does not go dressed as a clown.

And Michelle’s portrait does not even come close to looking like her let alone her dress being an affront to the class and elegance that other first ladies brought to their position and to their portraits. In fact, if artist Amy Sherald thinks she is making Michelle look like some regal long ago African queen, her official portrait, unfortunately, comes across like a high school rendition of a paint-by-numbers on velvet fiasco…or that of a wanna-be rock star…which by the way Michelle “I’ve never been proud of my country until my husband became president” is not.

And oh yes, Michelle’s hands are so out of proportion that they look like the giant claws of some lobster maybe sharing the same drugs Obama himself seems so high on in his absolutely ridiculous official formal portrait.

So why can I say what I said style and execution wise…because I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree (BFA) from one of the top art and design schools in our country.

And while each artist has their own unique and individual style, there is a time and a place where respect should ‘trump’ all else. And when one is painting portraits that will represent the man and his presidency and will hang in a place like the Smithsonian, that indeed should be the time and place for respect to be shown. But then again when the subjects themselves had and still have no respect for the positions they once held what can one really expect.

Now this is but one portrait hanging in the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery that conveys the due-respect the office of the presidency should be afforded. And I’m not saying that just because it is of our beloved Ronald Reagan, but because all past presidents and their first ladies, both Democrat and Republican, have had their portraits done in such a way as to honor our country and show respect due the highest office in our land.

And I can guarantee you that in seven years when Donald Trump leaves the office of the presidency and when Melania is no longer our first lady, that their portraits will show class, dignity, and a love for our country that the Obama’s portraits simply do not.

Art is subjective I know but then so again is trash…if you know what I mean…just saying.

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

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