Facebook: The Truth Exposed…Part 1 of 2


Authors Note: The information we are about to disclose is based upon our research and reflects our opinions and beliefs alone. 

What we about to tell you might surprise some while affirming what others have suspected for quite some time but either way it needs to be told.

And why…because ‘Big Brother’ is indeed watching us, but in a far more devious and sinister way than those two words usually imply for the simple fact is that he who controls the media, social networks, and the internet controls not just the flow of information but controls exactly what information is disseminated.
‘Fake news’ has become a buzz word for conservatives since the early days of the Trump campaign, but ‘fake news’ doesn’t really even begin to explain the depth and breadth of the situation we now face. It is becoming harder and harder to believe anything you see or hear from Twitter, newspapers, magazines, the mainstream media or on the internet, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for conservatives to express or share their ideas, thoughts, support, or concerns on Facebook.

There is a reason for all of this, and by the time you’re finished reading this investigative report, you will have a much better understanding of the dire situation we are all facing. You won’t feel any better about it, but you will see the big picture.

And in the big picture Facebook is the lynch pin for in a relatively short period of time Facebook became the fastest and easiest way to connect both people and the flow of information from all over the world. And while we all know that Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, few know beyond the name Mark Zuckerberg who controls and pulls the strings at Facebook, with even fewer knowing who or what entities finance its operation, and even more importantly where they and their money come from.

Let’s start with Mark Zuckerberg who, together with his Harvard roommate Eduardo Saverin, founded what we know as Facebook. And while the history of Facebook’s founding and its birth pains…including a 2012 case brought by Yahoo against Facebook for copyright infringement…can easily be found by doing a simple google search, know that from its inception Mark Zuckerberg was a deviously clever manipulator out for money, power, and above all else control.

Incorporated in the summer of 2004, Facebook now has over two billion users with 1.37 billion “active users” visiting Facebook on a daily basis, and with a net worth of over one trillion dollars…talk about money and power. But power needs money to feed it and the first to jump on Facebook’s bandwagon was back in 2004 when venture capitalist Peter Thiel (who surprisingly now is a Trump supporter) made a $500,000 ‘so-called’ angel investment for 10.2% of the company (now down to 3%) and also became part of Facebook’s board of directors.

From this point on…and know this is before Facebook started trading on the NYSE where it drew other investors and shareholders…other big companies and individuals jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. Those investing in Facebook included Accel Partners…to a tune of a $12.7 million venture capital investment…to Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital, plus additional personal investments from Peter Thiel and Accel Partners.

Then there’s Jim Breyer who, while working for Accel, put in $1 million of his own money not through Accel but through a company he owns called Breyer Capital who bills itself as a “premier global venture capital and private equity investor” focused on “catalyzing high-impact entrepreneurs” in the United States and China. Interesting that of all the world’s entrepreneurs the company Jim Breyer personally buys into Facebook with is a company connected to and doing business with China.

In October 2007, Hong Kong real estate billionaire Li Ka-shing became a Facebook angel investor investing $120 million total on two separate occasions for a 0.8% stake in Facebook. And around this same time Microsoft paid $240 million for 1.6% of Facebook.

Then in May 2009, Russian…yes Russian…internet holding company, Digital Sky Technologies…a company headquartered in Moscow…with its chief financial backer being Alisher Usmanov…paid $200 million for 1.96% of Facebook stock. Digital Sky Technologies is but one of Usmanov’s many interests and acquisitions which include precious metals (as in uranium), iron ore, steel, natural gas and media companies, including owning shares of gaming giant Zynga and the e-commerce marketplace known as Groupon.

So exactly who owns Digital Sky Technologies…which some say is actually part of either the Russian mob or funded in part by the Kremlin…besides Alisher Usmanov (who owns 32% of it through another of his companies called New Media Technologies), along with South Africa-based media company Naspers (28.7%), and Chinese Internet company Tencent (10%)…notice all three major owners are media companies…Russian investment banking firm Renaissance Capital (5%) of Uranium One infamy, Goldman Sachs (more on them in a bit), and New York private equity firm Tiger Global. Other lesser owners, but owners nevertheless, are Yuri Milner, Gregory Finger, Igor Matsanyuk and Sergey Orlovskiy.

And under the direction of Digital Sky Technologies Managing Partner Yuri Milner, DST is still interested in buying into Twitter no matter that Twitter already sees Saudi Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding company owning about 5% and 34.9 million shares of Twitter’s common stock. Interesting isn’t it that a Russian capitalist and an Arab muslim prince would be teaming up.

And in 2011, another venture capital investor, this time Andreessen Horowitz, also invested in Facebook, holding .18% of Facebook, but of interesting note is that he too also holds stock in three other of the most well known social-media sites as in Twitter, Groupon, and Zynga. Now add in that venture capitalist firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, with a .073% stake in Facebook, also have investments in Google, Groupo, Twitter, and Zynga.

Are you starting to see some commonalities here.

And with Facebook now also owning photo sharing service Instagram, Oculus VR (specializing in virtual reality hardware and software products), Onavo (an Israeli mobile apps analytics company), plus many other photo sharing, analytic, software and verification companies including Confirm (a U.S. government issued ID verification platform) and Face.com (a face recognition company)…as well as acquiring smartphone instant messaging giant WhatsApp, real-time news “aggregator” FriendFeed, Malaysian contact-importing start up company Octazen Solutions, photo-sharing Divvyshot, plus many more…a disturbing pattern of corruption veiled in what seems to be legitimate and legal acquisitions is emerging…let us explain.

In 2011, Goldman Sachs…one of the world’s leading investment banks…seemed to have the inside track underwriting a future Facebook IPO (IPO stands for Initial Public Offering meaning the very first sale of a stock issued by a private company to the public…known as “going public”…as opposed to public companies which have sold at least a portion of their shares to the public to be traded on a stock exchange). Finalized in January of 2011, with its participation in a $1.5 billion capital raise, the transaction included a $450 million investment from Goldman Sachs, another $50 million from Digital Sky Technologies, and $1 billion from “unnamed foreign investors”…which we would guarantee you means some shady Middle East characters and/or countries. This deal afforded Facebook a value of $50 billion which is extremely high and overinflated for a company not even traded yet.

And this financing “oddity” did indeed raise ‘red flags’ at the time for it appeared to many to be a way for Facebook to “sidestep U.S. securities laws” forcing other privately-held companies to make SEC filings once they reached a 500 shareholder threshold. Yet even with said raised ‘red flags’ Facebook went public on the NYSE on Friday, May 18, 2012. The night before, Facebook set its final IPO price at $38 per share, but when its stock began trading at 11:30 a.m. ET, the first trade came in at $42.05 per share, a gain of nearly 11%. More than 80 million shares of Facebook stock changed hands in the first 30 seconds of trading, and by the end of its first day of trading Facebook’s trading volume had reached a staggering 567 million shares…amazing to say the least.

Not bad for a company started in a dorm room…not bad for a company whose ‘red flags’ were never really addressed…not bad for a man who craved money, power, and above all else control…control coupled with domination that is.

And while greed was indeed a strong driving force in the beginning, it was control…complete, all-consuming control…that overtook both the man and the company know as Facebook for one only has to look at the types of companies that invested in Facebook ownership and the types of companies Facebook previously purchased; what other companies Facebook and its partners own part of in common; and who and what countries said companies are connected to coupled with the specific social media, news, and software companies that Facebook continues to buy up. And when one does all this it should become obvious that Facebook wants not only to own and control all of the relevant social media sites but that Facebook…that Mark Zuckerberg…also is determined to control all the information disseminated on said sites as well as what its users can and cannot see.

And most susceptible to this manipulation…the next in line voters…the millennials…for the millennials will blindly believe what they are force-fed and indoctrinated into believing as millennials rely on Facebook far more than any other source for their political news.

Hence the bottom line…control the information superhighway and you control not only the news but you can manipulate all future election results by delivering to the masses only the news you, your agenda, and candidate of choice want them to see.

Are you starting to see Facebook’s end game…are you starting to see Mark Zuckerberg’s agenda…we hope so for herein lies the reason why not only are we conservatives the only ones being locked up in Facebook jail, but why Facebook aided in hiding the truth about the Steele dossier and the fact that it was Facebook who composed Hillary Clinton’s actually used template on how to win elections.

So, what does Facebook’s buying up competing social media, analytical software, identification and photo sites, along with sites where people disseminate the news mean besides the above stated need for control…it means that Facebook has become or is bordering on becoming a monopoly, and monopolies are truly frowned upon by the government for what is a monopoly but a given company’s goal of possessing and/or controlling the supply or trade of a commodity or service. And Facebook is a commodity and offers a service, as in connecting people worldwide through their now monopolized company.

Remember, monopolies translate into inequality, power, and control as bottom line profits place more monies into the hands of the few, with ‘mom-and-pop’ companies being forced out of business by those companies bigger and more monetarily successful than they are.

And this is exactly what Facebook has done by buying out their smaller but still viable competition…competition that sometimes holds political views that are in direct contrast to Facebook and Zuckerberg’s own. And once said competition is bought out and absorbed into Facebook any and all opposing views they might have had goes with them, turning Facebook into the sole arbitrator of what is and is not newsworthy… of what or what not is ‘fake news’…and of what topics will be open to back-and-forth discussion on either Facebook and on any other companies they own…whether said news is based upon a lie or is itself an actual lie.

In fact, a perfect example of just this is when Mark Zuckerberg himself stated that, “Personally, I think the idea that fake news on Facebook — it’s a very small amount of the content — influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea,” yet right after the 2016 election he stated on Facebook that Facebook “helped more than 2 million people register to vote, and based on our estimates we got a similar number of people to vote who might have stayed home otherwise.”

So which statement is the lie and which one is the truth… guess we will never know for we have no major opposing site(s) to counter Zuckerberg’s words. And while a few small scale opposing sites to Facebook do remain… alternate venues as we call them…and know they do try hard but unfortunately their numbers in both revenue generated and readership reach remain dismal at best making them no real threat or competition to the Facebook juggernaut. And if a conservative user of Facebook dared to question Zuckerberg’s conflicting statements, into Facebook jail they went for a timeout whose length of stay was of Facebook’s choosing…with no chance to appeal or time out for good behavior. More on this in a bit.

And with Facebook, like we said above, either bordering on if not already being an actual monopoly and holding power over those who dare challenge their modes-operendi if you will, the question that must be asked is just when will the Facebook media monopoly be broken up. Remember, monopolies are in violation of anti-trust laws, with history showing the government breaking up numerous business conglomerates that have over-stepped their company buying bounds…conglomerates like U.S. Steel, AT&T, big tobacco, and to a lesser degree Microsoft for example, who only now sees rival operating systems gaining ground as well as rival “open source software” threatening their bundle business model upon which Microsoft was built…meaning Microsoft might not be broken up. But with Facebook basically owning all that is social media the same cannot be said for them…so it’s only the when and no longer the why.

So just when will Facebook be divided and conquered…the answer is only when it is regulated and taxed to such a degree that their sure to come not complying would allow the government to move in and break Facebook up into smaller competing companies, which in turn would decrease its profits making it less desirable for Zuckerberg and crew to hold onto.

But until then, it is no secret that Facebook has its eyes on mainstream media news outlets…entities like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC…who are sliding towards a ratings abyss and Facebook doesn’t need to read tea leaves to see the future. Facebook, the bane of the existence of the mainstream media, is in the process of adding a new label to their consumer monopoly…that of becoming a go-to major news source on top of their social media mountain.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, “There’s too much sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in the world today.” Never mind that Facebook itself through their arbitrary control and banning practices is the social media leader in the field of polarization…never mind that Facebook is now ranking news outlets as to which are or are not trustworthy. It’s a bit like having a fox decide which chickens are or are not in danger.

This new ‘news rating’ system is only rolling out in the U.S. to begin with, however, Facebook does have plans to eventually expand it globally, and while that is not very surprising there is something that should be a giant ‘red flag’ here, that being that while Facebook decides what news will or will not appear in your newsfeeds, they will not be making their mainstream media trustworthiness scores public. It’s their little secret of course.

This is yet another way to expand and strengthen their monopoly. In other words, never mind “Caveat Emptor,” just let Facebook be aware for you and don’t worry about it.

According to Digital Trends, Facebook is in the process of launching, “local news section, dubbed ‘Today In,’ and it is currently being tested in six cities. The section lists local news from publishers that have been vetted by Facebook in an attempt to weed out fake news,” but you and we know it won’t stop with local news. Eventually, Facebook will be in the business of national and then international news, thus becoming a millennial preferred alternative to the dying mainstream news media, and all while Facebook hired guns will decide what news you get to see.

Allowing Facebook and their far left liberal executives to decide what’s good for you is no better than allowing the government to decide what’s good for you. And as the Facebook monopoly continues to expand, we predict that within the next five to ten years the latest generation of voters and future generations of American voters, will get their marching orders spoon fed to them via social media giant Facebook.

Facebook knows well that they cannot adequately indoctrinate the masses with the liberal/socialist ideology unless they have the previously stated monopoly on the information and content that gets shared, and they are rapidly moving in that direction.

Tomorrow we will conclude our two part Special Report, ‘Facebook…The Truth Exposed.’

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