The Flaw

  • The Flaw

I read the most interesting article this morning, actually two articles, that set me on fire. Two journalists put together an exposé of Facebook that was far beyond any analysis of the social media giant than any I’ve ever seen.

The first article detailed the origins of Facebook, and Investors who pitched in to expand its worldwide empire of control. It was a tale so wild it could be a James Bond movie, but it wasn’t. I’m an op-ed writer. I “fly high” over the facts, and while I won’t outright lie, I’ll insinuate and use humor and clever phrases to explain my views to my readers. Not these two! Their work on Facebook comes across like a cancer diagnosis.

It takes a full minute to read this work, but it’s worth the time, and you have to go slowly if only to try to fathom all the names of Arab and Russian investors who have purchased several eggs from the Facebook basket. By the time you finish you’ll feel depressed and lost because of the enormity of the Facebook powerhouse, but there is a flaw!

The eventual demise of Facebook will be the very structure that gave it that power in the first place. While internet businesses should evolve and improve, there is a vast difference between Apple releasing a new iPhone with a bigger screen and stronger battery and a politically motivated dating site bent on swaying voters by suppressing what it deems as subversive to the cause. Hillary was supposed to win the election. When she lost, the cells in Facebook Jail filled up with patriots. The sixty three million Americans who put Donald Trump in office did not listen to Facebook propaganda. Simply put, the Facebook structure and political agenda that drives it must run like a well oiled machine. One flaw can derail the whole thing. Think the algorithm is impenetrable? Who’s the president right now? Hillary was a shoe in. A consummate politician with the biggest public relations machine in history backing her up got beaten by a politically incorrect real estate broker with more ex girlfriends than Hugh Hefner!

It’s going to be a long haul. As Trump’s star ascends the Facebook reality will become more and more apparent. It’s already becoming common knowledge that Facebook Jail is for Trump supporting patriots, which Facebook portrays as coonskin hat wearing conspiracy nuts. The flaw is already in place and growing. We must be vigilant. This very article I will not post on Facebook. The algorithms will target it and I’ll be gone for at least a month if not longer. I did sneak the above cited articles into Facebook by doing what I call a double blind I.e. embedding a link within a link to distract the software. We’ll see if I am successful. Think Facebook is too big to fall? Let’s have a show of hands. How many of you still have a MySpace account?

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