Don’t you find it a bit coincidental about the time that President Donald Trump’s approval numbers hit 50%, the perennial Northeast Seaboard candidate Governor Mitt Romney decided to trot out to Utah and announce a bid for the United States Senate? Is this a mere coincidence or, is there some nefarious shenanigan politics going on behind the scenes?

We on the right side of the Republican Party have long known those party operatives, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, and the rest of the Ivory Tower elitists despise Donald Trump and his populist movement. Let’s face it, Trump is in their face, draining their cash cows and other illegal money-making schemes and they’re heartbroken. If you’ll remember, one of the first acts as President that Trump did, was to sign an Executive Order to curtail lobbyist and lobbying on Capitol Hill severely. What this effectively did was to stick a harpoon into these greasy liberal Republican’s illicit revenue suppliers for the corrupt politicos. And thus the hatred for Trump was cemented on the right-side of the aisle.

To prove a point; remember the campaigning mantra back in the years of 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016 from the GOP? Every television ad, radio ad or print ad had the by-line, “I will vote to repeal and replace Obamacare.” President O was still Commander and Chief, so the “SWAMP” could vote to repeal it, look good to the constituency, go home and protest about how bad ‘O-Care’ was and the President would veto it. They could all in unison cry out, “WE TRIED MY FELLOW REPUBLICAN VOTERS.” They did this, knowing all along that O-Care would remain intact, the President would veto anything that remotely resembled overturning anything to do with his pride and joy legacy. And the Insurance lobby kept greasing their dirty little hands and keeping the big secret.

One has to remember that there are literally hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars at stake here. Do you honestly believe that these Insurance Companies are going to allow for their gravy train to end without a fight? No NO, but HELL NO!

Now we come to 2017 with a new Senate and a new House of Representatives. Both are Republican, all have campaigned against Obamacare, and now we have a President who also campaigned on ‘Repeal and Replace.’ Let the war begin. Now the Republican elitists are trapped by their own campaign promises versus the lobbying dollars they need for future campaigns. We know the results America, they sold out to the Insurance Lobby. Oh, we had a few that stood on principle, (IE; Cruz, Paul, Lee and few more) but the vast majority of our guys sold out. The bill to repeal never made it to the President’s desk.

So who gave us this monstrosity that has cost the American taxpayer so much and driven our debt through the roof? It was none other than the fellow who has been sent to Utah to be the firewall that stops the Trump populist movement. That is correct America, former Governor Mitt Romney~

I’m still trying to figure out how he plans on selling the residents of Utah that he is “one of them” and deserves to be a Senator from the Beehive State? One of the most liberal governors in American history is relocating to Utah, (one of the most conservative states in America) having purchased a multi-million dollar home to purchase a Senate seat with his unlimited bank-account. Someone tell me how this is morally or honorably ethical?

Keep in mind that Utah is a Christian based, Bible-believing state. These guys believe in the sanctity of life, owning guns, less government and are very conservative by nature. 

And if this wasn’t enough, we have this video with Governor Romney.

And now Governor Romney claims to be Pro-Life. I am not questioning whether the Governor is pro-life or pro-choice, that is not the issue here. What is the point in his very obvious flip-flopping for political convenience? He is a political animal and will flip, switch, and change his statements to accomplish his goal of appealing to different crowds. Keep in mind that all through Governor Romney’s political career he has been a devoted member of the LDS Church. I am not questioning his devotion to his church either. What I am wondering is; How does one justify to God taking this sort of stance?  How does one in good conscience tell God that you believe his word, preach his word, then say to the world on national television that you endorse the slaughter of innocent unborn children?

Because of Governor Romney’s personal economic success, he likes to use this as justification as being a good job creator, and a good Chief Executive of the State of Massachusetts. Here is the truth. From Think

1. Ranked 47th in job growth: Despite Romney’s professed expertise in creating jobs, Massachusetts ranked 47th in job growth during his time as governor. The state’s total job growth was just 0.9 percent, well behind other high-wage, high-skill economies in New York (2.7), California (4.7), and North Carolina (7.6). The national average, meanwhile, was better than 5 percent.

2. Suffered the second-largest labor force decline in the nation: Only Louisiana, which was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, saw a more significant reduction in its labor force than Massachusetts during Romney’s tenure as governor. The US Census Bureau estimated that between July 2002 and July 2006, 222,000 more residents left Massachusetts for other states than came to it. That decline largely explains the state’s decreasing unemployment rate (from 5.6 to 4.7 percent) while Romney was in office, according to Northeastern University economics professor Andrew Sum. At the same time, the nation as a whole added 8 million people to the labor force.

3. Lost 14 percent of its manufacturing jobs: Massachusetts lost 14 percent of its manufacturing jobs during Romney’s time in office, according to Sum. The loss was double the rate that the nation as a whole lost manufacturing jobs. In 2004, Romney vetoed legislation that would have banned companies doing business with the state from outsourcing jobs to other countries.

4. Piled on more debt than any other state: Romney left Massachusetts residents with $10,504 in per capita bond debt, the highest of any state in the nation when he left office in 2007. The state ranked second in debt as a percentage of personal income. Romney regularly omits those statistics from his Massachusetts record, instead touting the fact that he balanced the state’s budget (he was constitutionally required to do so).

My friends in Utah and across this great nation; ‘President Trump won the White House because America was sick and tired of worn out politicians making the same old promises and breaking them because of politics.’

It is time for new blood, and it is the time we guard President Trump’s agenda. Mitt Romney is only seeking this Senate seat to create a firewall for the “Establishment Elitists” in Washington D. C. He will not work with Senators Lee, Cruz, and the other conservatives.

Utah has a great conservative candidate whom I am going to support with a donation and any other way I can. His name is Larry Meyers and he is a rock solid true conservative who also happens to be a member of the LDS Church in St. George, Utah. I would highly recommend you look him up, donate to his campaign (remembering that these Senate seats are critical to President Trump’s agenda for Making America Great Again) and volunteer if you live in Utah.

Let’s keep the swamp draining going America. WE MUST STOP MITT ROMNEY FROM PURCHASING A SENATE SEAT IN UTAH! 

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