A Productive Week


This has been a productive week! That’s good news, and bad. I mean, I don’t write for Better Homes and Gardens. Things gotta get messed up for me to find fodder. The Florida event was the big story. The sad thing is the modern news cycle. Back when, such an event would dominate the news for weeks, even years. Someone mention JFK? See? Just three letters, and images of the grassy knoll pop into mind.

When the Titanic went down it stayed on top even though the ship was down, and researchers looked for the wreck for the better part of a century. Even after it was located new questions arose, and the debate ignited yet again. Active shooting stories do good to stay on the front page until the victims are buried.

That tells us something about our society. A whole new level of fake news. News is news so long as it bleeds. The surviving kids raced to seats of government to try to draw attention to the correlation between bullets and dead students, and that bought them about twelve more hours of the proverbial fifteen minutes of fame. It was then buried under a piece about some wench at The Olympics out running some other wench who scattered her daddy’s ashes over a Chinese restaurant.

Of course the gun control debate fired up. Did it ever smolder? I tried to construct a comparison between the composition of the Second Amendment and the understanding of it in light of today’s situation. It has been said that it’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. That may be true, but in the gun control issue if you suggest moderation or even common sense, when you light your candle the NRA will just draw a bead on you.

So then I put up an article pointing out the simple fact that a secure school is a safe school. I thought it was cool. Not so. I was quickly informed that students have a right to live free without the restrictions of metal detectors or guards or locked doors. A much better solution would be to confiscate three hundred million guns so the little buggers could run hither and yon through the glen with wanton abandon. .

My idea of armed security got blown out of the water after it was revealed there WAS an armed police officer on the scene during Cruz’s rampage, but he couldn’t get a clear shot from behind the car where he was hiding. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had four “back up” officers hiding behind THEIR cars! When the shooter apparently ran out of bullets the SWAT team rushed in screaming for the kids to SHOW THEIR HANDS, and more importantly to turn off their cell phones. And you people expect to get reasonable results from law makers. If you think that I’ve got a swamp in Florida for you, and it’s on SALE!

My buddy Chappy, gave me an article stating that just maybe if we raised our kids right the body count might go down. We are blessed with the insane dichotomy of a society that will prosecute a parent for spanking a child while allowing an active shooter to just stroll into a school through the front door with a backpack full of ammo. If you name three school shootings I challenge you to find one where the killer was even questioned as he entered the school.

My basic premise being that mental health was the driving force behind this problem. Being a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin, in made perfect sense that one simply MUST be crazy to even imagine doing a thing like that. And the testing to identify these people had to be easy because if they were THAT crazy you would see it right readily. I mean, just look at the hair! Well, testing beyond calling in the FBI. They had their moment in the sun this week, too. If the FBI operated back in the ‘30s like it does today, John Dillinger would’ve died in Social Security supplemented by book sales recounting his most daring bank robberies.

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