Federal-Voter Protection Act: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You There Isn’t Voter Fraud



According to the Pew Research Center, one out of eight registered voters (24 million) are invalid in America.  There are 1.8 million dead voters, 2.75 million voters in multiple states, and 12 million with invalid addresses.  Already there have been multiple cases of voter fraud prior to the election including fake and dead people being registered to vote.  A woman who died in 2008 has voted five times since her death.  A woman in Florida was found in possession of several absentee ballots for Hispanic voters whom were deaf, blind, or had Alzheimer’s.

When I voted in the last election, I was not required to provide any identification to vote since California does not require it.  All I had to say was a name and address.  I could have easily stated any registered voter’s name and address and I would have been allowed to vote for that person.  The following states require no identification to vote:  California, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.   The majority of these states have voted Democrat in past elections with Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania mentioned as swing states with evidence of voter fraud.

Several years ago, I met a man who told me that he was trained in “voter impersonation” in a coordinated effort to commit voter fraud for the Democrats Party before he became a Republican.  He told me the Democrats would do polling to target voters and gather information on the likelihood that the voter would not be voting for any number or reasons in the upcoming election, including if the voter had moved or was recently deceased.  The Democrat Party would then verify the information by physically visiting the residence.  The information was gathered to identify registered voters as “safe voters” to have a fraudulent voter use those names and addresses since no voter identification was required.  These fraudulent voters would go to a number of precincts or even to other nearby states with lists of assigned “safe voters” to vote in their name.  If the name happened to be removed from the voter precinct, they were instructed to fill out a “provisional ballot” with the voter’s name without consequence or verification needed.  With early voting, they could vote for a number of individuals using a name and address without ever having the suspicion of being caught or detected.

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, a number of undercover journalists, organized by James O’Keefe, from Project Veritas revealed a conspiracy to commit violence, intimidation, and voter fraud.  Some Trump events had financial backing from groups collaborating with the DNC and George Soros to create violence at Trump campaign events to create the perception that Trump supporters were violent, causing the public to be outraged with Trump in an effort to sway and intimidate voters away from supporting Trump.  I have supplied two of the four videos links.


The Hillary campaign funded the Democrat National Committee (DNC) to pay Democracy Partners, a political consulting company founded by Bob Creamer.  Creamer then funded the Foval group, headed by Scott Foval, to organize violence at Trump events and rallies to coordinate a perception that Trump supporters were violent.

Creamer, who is a convicted felon for bank fraud, was the financial organizer for the operation.  According to White House records, he was a guest at the White House 342 times and met directly with President Obama 45 times.  In one hidden camera video, filmed at Creamer’s Washington, D.C. office, Creamer explains that Hillary Clinton was aware of “all” of his activities, directly or indirectly, and that Democracy Partners has a daily conference call with the Clinton campaign, as well as frequent calls with the White House.

On another video, Scott Foval, from the Foval group, states “The campaign (Hillary Clinton campaign) pays the DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval group, Foval group goes and executes the shit on the ground” to agitate and start disruptions to get bad press at Trump and Pence events. Foval continues, “We have to be careful because what we don’t need is for it to show up on CNN that the DNC paid ‘X’ people to..that’s not going to happen.”

In another video, Foval admits to several ways to commit voter fraud with the guidance of Creamer without getting caught in their effort to rig an election.  Foval states, “We manipulate the votes with money and action, not with laws.”  Foval and Creamer coordinated with each other in a number of voter fraud scams including businesses writing checks to fake people and using the check stub as identification to vote in states that required voter identification. Those states that do not require voter identification would make the voter fraud much easier.

Foval admits that those committing voter fraud are not bused in but use their own vehicle to vote in multiple precincts and across state lines to vote for multiple voters that were previously screened as not voting for various reasons.

After the release of videos by Project Veritas, Creamer and Foval have “stepped aside” from their Democrat position.

The Democrats are also trying to change the rules by allowing felons to vote.  Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, along with other Democrats, has attempted to allow felons to restore their voting rights. He ignored his state’s supreme court ruling and illegally gave 60,000 felons voter registration cards.

In California, there has been an attempt to allow youth to vote advertised as getting youth to participate in an election with their vote being a percentage of those 18 years or older.  Two cities in Maryland allow youth to vote at 16 years and some states are considering lowering the age to vote.

According to www.voterfraud.org over 3 million illegal immigrants cast votes in the 2016 presidential election. The organization’s founder Gregg Phillips said they reached that number after analyzing a whopping 180 million voter registrations from across the country.   Voter fraud had been a major concern heading into this election, especially after President Obama encouraged illegal immigrants to vote without fear of legal consequences.  It is suspected there are numerous cases of voter fraud by illegal aliens in several states.  When eleven states now provide driver’s license to illegal aliens, there is nothing stopping illegal aliens from registering to vote according to this report by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.


“I probably arrested more than a thousand illegal aliens in my career,” retired ICE Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold said during an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “I routinely encounter people in possession of voter registration cards… I would ask them, ‘Do you or have you voted?’ And often, I would get the answer, yes,” he said, adding that about 100 illegal aliens told him that they had voted.

He continued stating these illegal aliens were able to vote by obtaining fraudulent documents such as a counterfeit resident alien card or work authorization card, plus a counterfeit driver’s license, and a counterfeit Social Security card.

According to reporters at the “Daily Mail,” voting experts have stated it’s certain that illegal aliens, non-citizens, and other ineligible people did vote in significant numbers on Election Day

In 2013, Jesse Richman, a professor at Old Dominion University, conducted a study based on a report by the Cooperative Congressional Election Studies, which asked respondents for citizen status and whether they had voted.  Based on the data, Richman estimated that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in the 2008 presidential election, which would translate to around 1.2 million votes. The number of non-citizens may have been more in 2016 considering Obama gave an evasive response in a YouTube interview suggesting that any voter fraud by illegal aliens would not be prosecuted under his administration.

In California, an honest vote has been taken over by a powerful Democrat party.  This should serve as a warning to Republicans as the model for what the Democrat party would like to do for the rest of America.  They have pandered to Hispanics and even assured illegal aliens a right to vote.  By 2020, every registered voter will automatically receive mail-in-ballots where anyone can be registered to vote.  The criminal class will rule and those who oppose will be ruled out.  Honest voters will become frustrated and not even vote.  California, and the nation with the Democrats in control, will be ruled by a one-party system. “It’s time to modernize the voting process,” said Democratic state Sen. Robert Hertzberg of Los Angeles, a co-sponsor. “We need to provide the same convenience and flexibility (people) have in other areas of their lives.”  Democrats don’t mind saying “convenience” and “flexibility” to create more loophole for voter fraud.

In North Carolina, their voter ID law was ruled unconstitutional by three Democrat appointed judges, two from Obama and one from Clinton.  Gov. Pat McCrory stated, “Photo IDs are required to purchase Sudafed, cash a check, board an airplane or enter a federal courtroom.” “Yet three Democratic judges are undermining the integrity of our elections while also maligning our state.”

As a result, McCrory lost a close re-election campaign despite questions of voter fraud.  Officials acknowledged “overly similar” handwriting on several hundred absentee ballots in Bladen County.  Campaign official Ricky Diaz cited evidence suggesting potentially similar situations in other counties.  If several people were to coordinate an effort throughout several counties or states, it could have an impact on determining the outcome of an election locally, statewide, or nationally if it affects the Electoral College totals.

In Nevada, Republican Assembly Candidate, Stan Vaughan, had actual proof of the massive voter fraud in his Clark County district.  A total number of 17,086 votes were cast in the District for both Republican and Democrat candidates. However, when confirmation letters were sent to the voters in the District, the US postal service returned mail from 9,200 of these voters.

Vaughn found that many of the people who are listed as deceased are still on the active voter rolls. Many of the returned mail came back with 5 people living in a vacant lot with no mail receptacle.  Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars were registered to vote in District 15 according to Mr. Vaughan.

Donald Trump lost Nevada by only 27,000 votes statewide.  So 9,200 fraudulent voters in one small Assembly district is more than 1/3 of the total margin that Trump lost by.

It was also reported that Nevada poll workers wore defeat-Trump t-shirts at the polls during the election which was against the law and Hillary supporters were caught breaking the law before the election when registering people to vote as well.


In Pennsylvania, there were 20,736 absentee ballots cast, which 18,467 went to Clinton.  This is highly suspicious with other serious voting irregularities.

In Wisconsin, parts of their voter ID law were also ruled unconstitutional by Judge James D. Peterson, who was also appointed by Obama.  Later, a Hillary Clinton surrogate bragged on camera about coordinating voter fraud with “impersonating voters” at multiple polling places.

In Indiana, a massive absentee ballot scam is being investigated in 56 counties.

In Virginia, the Public Interest Legal Foundation discovered 1,046 non-citizens on the voter rolls in just the eight counties that responded to their request.

There are many more cases of suspected voter fraud throughout America with several states investigating voter fraud.  The coordinated effort to create voter fraud has really elevated to a form of art.  Some of those committing voter frauds are so blatantly proud of their success and creativity; they can’t resist gloating about their criminal behavior on camera.  However, much voter fraud goes undetected and you have several states who deny the existence of voter fraud.  They cite the lack of conviction, at the same time turning a blind eye to the corruption and crime taking place due to their own political beneficiary. These states are primarily run by Democrats and they will accuse anyone attempting to question voter fraud with racism in their quest to silence their opposition.

It has also been revealed that voter fraud was occurring through voting machines.  Wikileaks has revealed the Hillary campaign wanted to “make Soros happy” referring to Communist billionaire, George Soros who provides much financial support to the DNC and Democrat groups.  Voting machines in 16 states from Smartmatic have ties to George Soros.  Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  It was reported that voting machines have changed Republican votes to Democrat votes.

Computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath in court and in Congress in March 2016 that he was hired by authorities to help rig the outcome of U.S. elections. He made software for voting machines that would give the desired results.  “It would flip the vote” to whomever you want to win by the desired results without any election official ever detecting the software.  When questioned, he stated, “They’d never see it.” The only way you can actually see the real vote is actually counting the votes against the receipt of the voting machine.

In Michigan, the recount effort started by Jill Stein exposed discrepancies in 392 precincts in what looks like systemic election fraud in Detroit.  Sixty percent of the precincts in Wayne County had to be disqualified from the statewide recount due to “irregularities” when ballot boxes were found with broken seals, an indicator that ballots were either added, removed, or swapped out.  In 20 Detroit precincts there were fewer ballots than were recorded by poll workers, including one precinct which had 50 ballots; but 306 ballots recorded. 

This can account for several voting precincts nationwide that have voter turnout beyond 100% of those registered to vote.

Detroit’s election director, Daniel Baxter, attempted to explain the voting machines were jammed causing poll workers to remove and reinsert the same ballots, resulting in many ballots being counted multiple times.  There apparently is a lot more than sheepishly claiming “human error” in these cities ran by Democrats.  They will deny and minimize voter fraud because they are the one behind it.  With 95% of the votes cast in these precincts for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump would have won Michigan by a much higher margin than what was originally recorded.

According to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, those irregularities look “organized” and “government involved.”  He continued, “That is a different kind of fraud because that is the government defrauding itself.”  “The poll worker is an employee of, or a volunteer in behalf of the government. You’re talking about a crime now. … The law guarantees fair elections — not perfect ones. If this had changed the outcome, it would be unfair and it would warrant a serious inquiry.”


Election workers in several states have been caught on hidden cameras stuffing the ballot box with votes in a series of video.

Another video provided by Project Veritas showed workers destroying Republican ballots and explaining how to commit voter fraud.


The Houston-based True The Vote, an organization dedicated to stopping voter fraud, has identified 160 counties across 19 states with more registered voters on their rolls than eligible live voters.


“True the Vote absolutely supports President-elect Trump’s recent comment about the impact of illegal voting, as reflected in the national popular vote,” the group said in a statement. “We are still collecting data and will be for several months, but our intent is to publish a comprehensive study on the significant impact of illegal voting in all of its many forms and begin a national discussion on how voters, states, and the Trump Administration can best address this growing problem.”

Voter fraud is very real. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either benefitting from it or is simply foolish.  The Democrats will stop at nothing to steal an election including the use of violence, intimidation, and several forms of voter fraud.

As Americans, we want fair elections.  The law guarantees fair elections; but the evidence overwhelmingly proves that the Democrat Party has rigged the system and we have only a small window of opportunity to fix this problem.  If we fail to seize this opportunity to fix this problem, the Democrat Party will assure their power in the future with no means of repairing again.

We cannot resist the urge to rest on our laurels and be content that voter fraud is no big deal simply because Trump won despite it.  This is about more than just one election. It’s about our future and stopping what the Democrats are willing to do to secure their victory in future elections.

Voter fraud can have an effect on the course of history from our local elections to state elections to federal elections controlling Congress, the U.S. Senate, Governors, and the outcome of an election through our Electoral College, determining the presidency.

The Democrats have called on the abolishment of the Electoral College and some states have already wrote law requiring the Electoral Votes to be granted to the individual who won the popular vote in an effort to undermined the election process founded by our US Constitution.

We need to assure that our voting system is fair by establishing federal guidelines throughout the states.  Democrats will oppose and do everything in their power to have control, even through criminally stealing an election from the people.  However, with President Trump, a Republican Congress, the Senate, and with a slightly conservative U.S Supreme Court, we must provide a law protecting all votes in future elections from voter fraud and criminal activity.


A Federal Voter Protection Act must preserve and protect the integrity of American’s voting rights by providing minimal standards throughout each state through the following:

  1. Require all states to require photo identification when voting.

Americans are required to show identification to get a library book, get medication, board an airplane, write a check, or attend the Democrat National Convention.  So why is it so hard to show identification when voting?  Except in very rare situations, every person has photo identification to verify who they are through their name and address.  Most states, if not all, provide photo identification card for individuals who request them.

The purpose of photo identification isn’t done to violate an individual’s privacy; it’s requested by others as protection from fraud, theft and terrorism.  By the same standards, we must do a better job protecting our polling places to prevent various forms of voter fraud including “voter impersonation” of those who have moved, are deceased, or have made it known their desire not to vote.  You can’t prove someone is committing voter fraud if you don’t know the person’s true identity.

Under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the attorney general has the right of approval for any proposed voting change in a state with a history of voter discrimination.  This was originally targeted toward southern states.

Obama’s Justice Department rejected a new photo ID voting law passed in Texas, concluding that between 6 and 10.8 percent of Hispanics in that state lacked the required picture identification. In passing the law, Texas pledged to give out free ID cards to those who didn’t have one. The Justice Department rejected that idea because applicants for the free cards would have to provide a birth certificate.

We have a lot of rights here in America, but they come with responsibilities. You have the right to own a car and the privilege to drive if you get the proper license and insurance. We often have to prove who we are to get what we want. I see no reason why that maxim doesn’t apply to our right to vote.

Much has changed since the 1965 Voting Rights Act went into effect — the pervasiveness and ease of identity theft, to name just one obvious example. The idea of requiring a picture ID at the polls was recommended in 2005 by a commission on federal election reform co-chaired by none other than former President Jimmy Carter — not a man known to be hostile to minorities or the poor.

Not only should there be photo ID, there should be a fingerprint on the back of the voter ID that can be matched with the fingerprint that they have to put next to their name when they sign in. There are machines that they can hold that fingerprint under from the driver’s license and compare it to the fingerprints on the paper.

Requiring voter identification is the first step to revamp our voting system to ensure that only eligible voters actually vote.

  1. Absentee Ballots opens the window to another type of voter fraud. Every ballot must be required to have a right thumb print associated with the ballot to verify each registered voter.  (Obviously an exception can be made for the rare number of people who may not have a right thumb.)

When Absentee Ballots are sent to registered voters, there is an increased potential for voter fraud to occur.  When you require a thumbprint to be matched with a ballot, the level of fraud will be decreased.

My researched has showed me there are several companies that make small ink pads including Alibaba and Ballot Expert.  (Note: I have no association with any company relating to ink pads and only provide this information through my research.)  These ink pads are inexpenisive and could be mailed with ballots to registered voters, especially those doing their vote through an absentee ballot.  I have attached a link to one company called Alibaba.


Certainly, those wanting to commit voter fraud will not comply with the ballot requirements.  They will either smug the ballot with a blotted thumb print or not put a thumb print at all.  Those ballots would be easy to recognize and could be set aside for verification during a contested election.  Those doing voter fraud with prints would have their prints on the ballot and those individuals would be easy to verify and be easy to prosecute.

  1. Enforce that only American citizens, who are at least 18 years old and not a felon are eligible to vote.


  1. Require all county Registrar of Voters to clean up the voter rolls with random audits from either the state and/or the federal government. (Registered voters, who are deceased, moved away, registered in multiple states, or with invalid address must be removed.)
  2. All voters must have the mental capacity to be able to vote.

No one with a medical condition such as Alzheimer’s or any mental condition deemed by a medical doctor that deems the individuals mental state unable to properly understand and reason should be allowed to vote until the medical doctor has cleared the individual.

  1. Random audits conducted by federal election workers.

To prevent federal election workers or those being in an assigned precinct from becoming aware of which federal worker would be conducting an audit, a lottery system must be set up for assignment of the federal election workers to the assigned precinct to be audited.  (This will prevent rogue election workers that would be doing the audit coordinating with various election workers at various precincts from covering voter fraud.)  If election workers are unaware who may be doing an audit or if they may be audited, they will be more inclined to be honest and not jeopardize criminal charges.

Federal audits would differ from state audits and the federal government could authorize more audits to states that do not satisfactorily conduct sufficient audits.

An audit should be conducted on any precinct where voter fraud was reported including; but not limited to those with “irregularities,” “over-voting,” reports of similar hand writings, or reports of voting machines switching votes.

A phone number to report voter fraud should be posted at every voting precinct and on all voter ballot material.

A federal audit must include a scan of all thumb prints on ballots through new technology for verification and to determine no fraud had occurred with multiple suspicious ballots.

A federal audit would include verification that the number of ballots is the same as the number recorded by election workers.

A federal audit would include physically contacting random voters for verification and mailing confirmation letters to various addresses to determine the addresses are real.

A federal audit would check the computer software and physically doing a sample vote on various voting machines, especially if voter fraud had been reported in a particular precinct involving computer voting machines.

A federal audit would verify the individual who registered any voter who has been determined fictitious.

  1. Federal criminal charges with severe penalties for those prosecuted for committing, organizing, assisting or financing voter fraud or the intent to commit voter fraud.


  1. Federal criminal charges with severe penalties to coordinate, assist, or finance individuals to obtain fraudulent or counterfeit identification such as a resident alien card, driver’s license, or social security card for the mean of registering or assisting the individual to vote.

This must include those who establish fraudulent individuals with paystubs as a form of identification through a business as a mean of providing identification to vote or be registered to vote.

  1. Require that all voting machines should have an independent contractor with anti-hacking software and software that would prevent changes in the voting results.


  1. Federal criminal charges with severe penalties for those who coordinate, organize, participate, advertise, assist, or conspire to commit violence or intimidation at campaign events.
  2. Require all counties to cooperate with non-government organization’s audits as with the Freedom of Information Act to allow those organizations to conduct their own audits at their cost, such as the Public Interest Legal Foundation or True The Vote.
  3. Require that states not be allowed to amend or undermine the Electoral College process by stating their Electoral Votes would go only to the candidate who wins the popular vote. The Electoral Voting process must be the same through all the states.
  4. Federal Law with several penalties to anyone who threatens, persuades, or bribes an Elector to change his or her vote.
  5. Expect the Attorney General to enforce all laws governing voter fraud and to sue any state, such as California, for promoting voter fraud through its faulty interpretation of the National Voting Rights Act. (California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, makes it clear on his website that Registrar of Voters are to “treat as normal” and “enter on the voter rolls” those who have failed to affirm they are U.S. citizens on the voter registration card.)
  6. Any future technology changes in our voting system must have safeguards to assure verification of the identity of the registered voter.

In conclusion, we must restore integrity to our election process and stop the criminal forces from stealing elections from honest Americans.  America is the most technically advanced country in the world; yet, we have not assured our voting system is free from many types of voter fraud.   A Federal Voter Protection Act will provide the minimal guidelines, standards, and safeguards for the states to assure the American people their vote will be fairly counted.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”.

He can be emailed at mantecarepublicans2@yahoo.com

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