Liberals’ Fake Stupidity – A Cancerous Discourse


Fake Stupidity 101

“Fake Stupidity” is the term I use to describe a discussion tactic used by John Birch-ers, liberals, democrats and liberal republicans.   But my research shows conservatives widely eschew this tactic – and more consistently support an Article 5 Convention, as Constitutional expert Mark Levin advocates.

Liberals have been taught by example of political leaders and “activists” to use “fake stupidity” to debate.

Why Do We Need to Discuss This Stupid Topic?

Why do we need to understand fake stupidity and how it is used?   Sun Tzu said “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

What is Fake Stupidity?  What is Truth?

What is fake stupidity?   Let’s start by noting MLK mentions it, and so does Ayn Rand.  Even Pontius Pilate used fake stupidity.

  • MLK said “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
  • Ayn Rand wrote: “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.”
  • “What is truth?” Pilate said to Jesus when he wanted to avoid discussing the truth. We know Pilate knew the truth because he immediately went to the Jews and told them Jesus was not guilty!

Do We Have  Any Examples of Fake Stupidity?

Here is recent proof of “fake stupidity” from the left:  CNN fails to report and realize gun-free zones host nearly every major killing – because gun-free zones INVITE bad people to commit gun crimes there – and then CNN also inexplicably fails to recognize gun-mandated zones have low crime rate as shown in the article below.  How can CNN and liberals so consistently miss BOTH the facts good people with guns scare off mass murderers – just like cops with guns scare off crime – and bad people with guns go where others are sure to be unarmed?

Answer: Fake stupidity.  They are faking they are unaware of truth.  No one can be so stupid as to miss these logical and manifested patterns of crime:

  • Criminals avoid property protected by guns. Over and over.
  • Mass murders go to gun free zones to kill. Over and over.

The Liberals’ “Black Employment Paradox”

I noted strikingly repeated and similar “fake stupidity” behavior on social media: In tens of posts I made about black unemployment going up whenever a democrat was in office, I saw this:  When I mentioned falling black employment to liberals, who self-proclaim as “black advocates”, they did not care one bit if Democrat policies made blacks more jobless, they ran from the data or proclaimed it meant nothing.

Similarly, we all saw the Democrats in congress did not clap when Trump stated black unemployment was way down at his State of The Union Address.   It has to be fake stupidity for a Democrat to BOTH  a) fail to be upset about consistently falling black employment under their leadership – and b) to fail to clap when black employment rises under either party.

Sadly – every topic of public policy is politically gamed with this “fake stupidity” by nearly every left leaning voter and politician I have EVER met – it’s that consistent and I’m NOT exaggerating.  Brilliant liberals actually employ fake stupidity just like ignorant liberals.

I invested 2 years on Facebook trying to cultivate healthy dialogue with thousands of liberals.  None would abandon fake stupidity, despite me being their ardent and gracious advocate for everyone on my wall to be gracious toward them.  I even solicited for all my Facebook readers – thousands – to find me a non-politicized liberal to dialogue with on Facebook.   No one could ever name even one Democrat that would debate truthfully and amicably.  That stunned me.

That’s when I decided to write a book to alert people we have to have a   Because an entire segment of the population is being rewarded to pretend to be stupid about obvious solutions to our issues.

How Does Fake Stupidity Fit In With Other Social Trends?

Fake News is now a clearly obvious tactic of liberal media.  Fake News begets Fake Debate using the Fake News.   And finally, Fake Stupidity allows the Fake News debater to proclaim their point is really an issue because their Fake News said it was so.

Consider the theme to “Remove AR-15s and the shootings will stop.”  Obviously an easily provable fake claim.  (CNN is actually selling the idea of using an AR-15 to killers by repeating it so often, it becomes a “brand”.)   Of course, liberals pretend not to know their news source is corrupt.  You can ask them clever questions to expose they know – like ask them to talk about reporters sued by Obama to block ugly liberal news.  Ask about Sharyl Attkisson at CBS – how CBS blocked her from anti-Obama stories.  Yes, they know their press is corrupted.

How Do We Address Fake Stupidity?

Fake stupidity now reigns over much of the public debate in America, it cannot be stopped directly, we can only remove the government’s rewards for fake stupidity.

We must have a, or we will be increasingly ruled by fake stupidity.  The lies based on this fake stupidity are becoming our laws.