Patriot’s; Below is a fundraising message that will be going out shortly in a slightly smaller version. I wanted you to be the first to read it. One has to be honest and ask the question, “why would Mitt Romney invest millions into new homes in Utah for a Senate seat that pay’s $174,000 annually?” The answer is; To stop Donald Trump and his swamp draining and the America First Agenda. Romney is a globalist, you know it, I know it, and everyone in the patriot grassroots Tea Party movement knows it. I ask each of you today to help Larry Meyers stop this globalist, flip-flopping, carpetbagging Northeast Seaboard Blueblood from thwarting our Presidents agenda for this nation. Enjoy the read and the video’s and please share this with everyone on your email list, your wall’s on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else you like. Thanks again; Ken Crow

When discussing Washington, D. C. establishment bluebloods, many names come to mind. Without question, one of the first names on the tip of anyone’s tongue is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Romney has been widely known for decades as a liberal-minded Northeast Seaboard political elitists. Romney proudly accepts the title of the “Architect” of what was used to blueprint Barack Obama’s overhaul of our national medical care. In fact, in several interviews, he even claims the title of Grandfather of the Socialized Medicine known as Obamacare.

For many unbeknownst reasons that have most questioning ‘why,’ Governor Romney has decided to build a multi-million dollar mansion in Holladay, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City). This home is in addition to the one he owns at Park City, Utah where he used to vacation one or two weeks out of the year. That home only cost him a paltry $8.9 Million.

The question as to ‘why’ Mitt Romney has decided to travel out west to Utah, throw around many millions of dollars is one we seriously have to ask. Keep in mind that the Chairperson of the Republican Party is none other than Ronna Romney McDaniel the former Governor’s niece.


The entire truth we may never know, but when analyzing this situation, one can only conclude that the Republican Party Elitists are panicking and need to replace several of their RINO’s that are retiring with more RINO’s. With the retirement of Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (the party’s most prominent RINO) and the retirement of Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, the party is scrambling to fill their shoes in an effort to stop President Trump’s “America First Agenda.”

After Mitt Romney’s press conference before the election of 2016, there was no doubt that this Massachusetts Liberal had no love lost for our future President. In the press conference he not so eloquently called him a clown, con-man, liar, and several other very disparaging names. And now we are supposed to believe that he wants to become a Senator who is going to support the Republican Party, Conservatives, and our President’s agenda? Not likely! Mitt Romney has a very long illustrious career of saying one thing, then doing another. Romney is on video saying he supports and will fight for a woman’s right to choose, later when he needed to alter his stand to try and win an election, he all of the sudden became ‘pro-life.’ He has the same record on our 2nd Amendment, troops overseas, and healthcare.


Larry Meyers resides in St. George and has lived in Utah since enrolling as a young college student. He is a proud graduate of BYU Law School and a former Prosecutor. He is a passionate defender of our Constitution, believes and demands we balance our nation’s checkbook, and is a proponent of the President’s “America First Agenda.”

There is no doubt that Mitt Romney is coming to Utah with millions of dollars raised by Northeast Seaboard Elitist to purchase this seat to stop the swamp draining that President Trump is performing on Capitol Hill. WE AS PATRIOTS AND GRASSROOTS AMERICA MUST STOP THIS HIJACKING OF OUR SENATE SEATS!

Larry Meyers seeks to serve the citizens of Utah, not rule over our nation. Larry pledges to serve as the Constitution dictates and promises always to leave his door open to listen to “WE THE PEOPLE.”

If you’re tired of the Northeast Seaboard and Washington Elitist not listening, controlling our lives, growing the government to an obscene powerbase, then you need to band together with millions of other grassroots patriots and support Larry Meyers fight against the establishment. His campaign is entirely reliant on “We the People.”