Why Gun Control Cannot Work

The Idiot’s Guide To Gun Control


Open Carry TexasWhy Gun Control Cannot Work

Gun Control cannot and will not work in America. There are many reasons for this. First, there are simply too many guns. To enforce an Australian type of gun confiscation similar to the one in Australia after the 1996 mass shootings the government would have to locate over three hundred and fifty million guns, some traded, handed down, or moved several times. A very large number were never registered through retail sales and no background check was ever done. The population of Australia in 1996 was a tad over eighteen million. I’m real impressed with their little gun grab program.

Next, guns enabled the expansion of the United States. Being of the Cracker Persuasion myself, I apologize for my ancestors shooting all the Indians, Mexicans, blacks, and anyone else who got in the way as we plowed our way across the continent. So there, Snowflakes, there’s a cookie, and we’re all very sorry, but if you will notice we’re not giving it back. Europe, that bastion of civilization, was conquered with bows, arrows, and clubs. Guns came along later. America has a tradition of the gun, by the gun, and for the gun. God created man, Sam Colt made all men equal. Not women. That came later. Shucks! We freed slaves before we freed women. Always nice to know where you are on the food chain. When the Second Amendment was penned it wasn’t like no one had a gun and this new law was like the legalization of marijuana. Guns were already here. Just ask the British. So don’t just continually quote the amendment, observe tradition.

Gun Control will not control the element of the population that does the most harm. Criminals have guns. Criminals don’t do background checks. They make a call, some guy rolls up, opens the trunk of his car, and the thug makes a purchase. A purchase most likely for a gun you and I can’t buy because we’re obeying those cackle babble laws that have already been passed. If it were possible to pick up all the guns in America the criminal would just use a knife, a club, or just rob, rape and kill people smaller than himself. Wanna see total gun control that affects criminals? PRISON! And we know the homicide rate in prisons is almost non existent. You can always call 911. When seconds count the police are just minutes away unless you call the Parkland sheriff’s department. Just call for a pizza and hope a big guy delivers. While you’re waiting assume the crash position with your fingers laced behind your head which is snuggly tucked between your legs. Oh, and while you’re down there, kiss your butt goodbye.

Americans don’t really want gun control. Why do you think radical gun control fails every time when proposed? Because the politicians want to get re-elected and they know that if they push confiscation or some other abridgment of the second, fourth, and fourteenth amendments they’ll have to go out and find a job, and that scares a politician. The anti-gun lobby recently trotted our survivors of the Parkland shooting. I did an article explaining that in five years these kids would be calling the shots. Oh, sorry, bad word, but you know what I’m driving at. You will note the title of this article is Why Gun Control Cannot Work. I’m not saying in years to come a misinformed voting block won’t attack gun ownership, I’m just saying when they do it will not get the result they’re expecting.

Active shooters are crazy. We already have laws against crazy people having guns. I would agree that if you have a nut in the neighborhood the police should have the ability to control the situation, but not to take every car away because someone was a drunk driver. Picking up legal guns will not deter crime, but I’ll give you a different scenario. What if a law was passed saying you HAD to have a gun in your house. What do you think the burglar would think when considering which house to rob? That idea really melts Snowflakes. If death is always behind the door it sets up a whole new mindset.

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