Mitt Romney Style

Why is Mitt Romney running for office in Utah?

Mitt Romney Style

Mitt Romney Style

Mitt Romney Style. Mitt Romney is a homogenized Mormon, or more over, Mormon Lite. He’s choosing to run for office in Utah because they vote in herds up there. I’ve already explained how even though the LDS voting block is thirty percent, if you can control a mere ten percent you can pretty much call the shots on any election.

Now I’m not going to go off with a bunch of one liners about Mitt’s underwear any more than I would Ben Shapiro’s funny little hat, ok? If a grown man wants to believe his BVDs are bullet proof who am I. I’m reasonably sure Romney doesn’t have any porn stars lurking in his closet. I do like how his family looks. Little too Caucasian for Democratic tastes, but after the Trump presidency perhaps we, as a nation, will be a little less racist toward the crackers.

I actually know very little about Mitt’s politics. I know he came up with a health care program while governor which morphed into ObamaCare, and he’s a rich republican. I think he has ten or twelve great grandmothers, but oh well. No, what bothers me is while Donald Trump is a dynamic game changer, Mitt Romney is, well, NOT!

If Trump were a New York Strip steak, Romney would be a side order of French fries. We just got over eight years of a do nothing President that Putin made his “little girl.” My concern is if Trump is re-elected, and the Trump Train pulls into the station with only half a load, America will be back on track, and the liberal democrats will be chomping at the bit to undo everything.

How do I know Romney will try to run for President again? Why do you think he’s trying to become a junior senator from Utah? He’s keeping his “chops” up. That, and President Trump has shown how a non-political billionaire CAN win an election when running against a consummate politician with years of experience under her belt.

Winning Utah will be a shoe in for Romney. If he doesn’t win the election they just need to bulldoze the Temple in Salt Lake City down and put a super Walmart there. The entire LDS community will fall in behind Romney. I don’t know why they’re even going through the motions of having an election at all. Mitt picked Utah for a REASON!

Now being the old hypocrite that I am, I will admit I voted for Mitt Romney when he ran against Obama. I really thought he could win, but when the votes were counted we learned two things. We knew exactly how many liberal democrats there were in the country, and exactly how many Mormons there are, not counting dead voters because Mormons don’t let dead people vote, unlike democrats.

This will all play out over the next seven years. If I’m still around we’ll all see if my predictions are true. Just remember, when Trump was debating nine other republican contenders for the nomination, I wrote an article predicting he would be the next president! Jus’ sayin’ Homies!

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