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Or That Dirty Ol’ Stick Chasing Dog

Dog chasing stick

Dog chasing stick

After Russian Spy Poisoning, Britain Tells Public to Wash Clothes and Use Baby Wipes – The New York Times

Governments are supposed to protect us without unduly alarming us at the same time. The obsession with secrecy isn’t an American invention by a long shot. God knows Putin covers his butt masterfully. He’s also a shape shifter. How else can an ex KGB spy sell himself to Russian teens as a rock star.

That having been said there’s an old joke about the animals in a shelter holding an election to see which one will be the leader. It came down to one dog and a cat. I believe the dog was a liberal Democrat. Anyway, the dog and cat hold a debate. Things go tit for tat and the two are mostly equal. At that point the cat picks up a stick and waves it in the air, whereupon the dog begins to leap about with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. The cat then throws the stick away and the dog chases it, bringing it back. As the dog drops the stick it dawns on him what the cat had done. He gathers his composure, turns to the other animals and says, “Are you going to make your choice in this election based on my one minor character flaw?”

Putin is the dog! There was this turncoat spy. He worked for the Russians and against the Russians. For all of Putin’s clever words, and slick suits he sends some goons to England and poisons the guy and his daughter. He didn’t just poison them, he poisoned the crap out of them. Found them on a park bench with their tongues hanging out of THEIR mouths.

Now this is where government secrecy comes in. So the cops come along and put the ambulance that transported the spy and his daughter in plastic wrap. They then seal off the bar where the unlucky couple had a pint or two, and put police barricades all around it. They sent in one hundred and eighty soldiers to set up a parameter around said bar and threw two rabbits inside to see if they’d die. Then all the residents who’d been in the bar that night were advised to wash or burn their clothes and wash their glasses. As you would guess the populace of the sleepy little hamlet became suitably alarmed, but when questioned about all of this the official response was a very British tight lipped, “Nothing to see here, just move along.”

And I thought our government was silly. I mean trying to tell us the Branch Davidians got burned up because David Koresh was a fire bug. Guess that’s why he put the women and children in what he thought was a safe room when the Feds parked a tank in his living room, huh?

The problem is, like my grandma used to say, to tell a lie when the truth would be better. That’s why you hear the phrase “Preparing a statement” every time there is an event the government has to respond to. Excellent example recently was that Sheriff in Florida who took several days to launder his explanation of why practically his entire day shift hid behind their cars while some nut was inside a school popping off kids for six minutes. Deputies from another jurisdiction had to drive over and catch the guy. His answer? The NRA did it. And the liberals leaped about wagging their tongues just like that stick fetching dog.

If the public can’t handle the truth how is it to be assumed that it has the intelligence to vote? Come to think of it there may be a connection there when you see what California elects, but I digress. It’s gotten so bad that when the police or for that matter, any government official makes a statement for the press we KNOW it’s lies, the only question being how many, and who’s butt is being covered. Alex Jones doesn’t have to invent conspiracy theories. He just has to read the congressional record out loud.

They just don’t want the public to panic. So what if we panic? What if the weatherman soft sold an approaching tornado? And it all depends upon which side of the isle you’re lying from. If you’re a Republican the US is being invaded by the Mexican army while the Democrats try to tell us it’s just harmless taco stands for tourists. But they don’t want a panicked public. Don’t you wanna know why? It’s because if they ever tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth there would be a national panic . . . all the way to the polls. Then the GOVERNMENT would panic.

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