Austin Bomber: They Shot Him In The Bomb

We need more bomb control



Wiley CoyoteI think the cops shot the Austin bomber in the bomb. That’s just my theory, but work with me here. This guy’s tooling along the service road of I-35 and the cops are all over him, right? Before I go on, there’s always the truth, the spin, and then there’s the official or “fishy” story. The fishy story here is the bomber blew himself up. Hey, it’s possible. Arabs do it all the time, but here’s the twist. Supposedly he pulled the pin on a bomb right there in the car with him, and THEN a cop shoots him twice. Smell the fish yet. Cop shot the bomb, and I’m cool with that. “You have the right to remain silent.” Ka-blooey!

I was particularly pleased the FBI helped. That’s what they’re SUPPOSED to do. Solve crimes. Not meet with Obama in the Oval Office to discuss keeping Trump out of the White House, reading thousands of Hillary emails and pronouncing her the long lost descendant of the Virgin Mary, or burning up churches in Waco.

I will say that it was nice that Austin law enforcement took the lead because the last big bomb investigation by the FBI gave us the Unibomber. They really shined when they chased that school teacher across the country while he checked into hotel after hotel banging a fifteen year old student until tracked down in California by a pothead. I was surprised. I thought you could do that in California, I mean, a tiger can marry a chair there.

And that McCabe guy! Don’t get me started. Gets in a tweet war when he got walked to the door. Sit your butt down, Elephant Man. You got fired! Comey? There’s another one. These guys actually make the CIA look good. Shucks, they make Pablo Escobar look good. There have been reports of earth tremors in DC. That’s because J. Edgar Hoover is spinning in his grave.

Now, on a serious note. We need bomb control. I read that the bomber made the bombs from common household items. Now, I don’t know what common items these were, but I assume they were the kinds of things you can buy at HEB, the Texas version if Walmart times Kroger. Well, our course is set. There needs to be a list of items that are too dangerous for us to have access to. Stuff like Right Guard, charcoal, and Jimenez Jalapeño peppers, which can be turned into lethal gas.

You gotta laugh at this stuff folks, but the reality is this Austin  bomber was just as crazy as that idiot in Florida. What’s the common denominator? Stupid is as stupid does. Know what. Did y’all see that guy on YouTube cut his AR-15 up so it would never kill anyone? What do you think the odds are we can get him to cut up a bomb. I’d pay fifty cents to watch that.

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  1. ere was anything I missed it's only because no one told me about it, because if they did, well, I'd have done that, too! I call myself, "A Simple Ol' Boy From Austin," because when I fall short I can always say, "Hey, I told you from the start that I was stupid."