A Few Simple Facts

Bombs, Guns, or Mom’s apple pies don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people!


The JokerA few simple facts about gun control and the human condition combined with the decline of morality in America.

Attack On a Conservative

Today, it’s YouTuber Chad Prather who’s in the hot seat for a dumb comment he made on Twitter about the Austin bombings. “Where are the marches and protests for bomb control,” he wrote.

Ok, students, I made the same comparison yesterday in my article They Shot Him In The Bomb! As usual, the Snowflakes responded with a convoluted straw man argument that completely missed the point.

Bombs are already illegal so we don’t need to march to change legislation. Only heads anyone is messing with are those that throw logic out the window and think Chad’s comment is in any way relevant.

I won’t bore you with all the cry-baby comments that followed. First off, explosives are most certainly not illegal. They are used for construction, mining, geology and fireworks on the Fourth of July. APPLICATION of said devices tell the tale of the tape. Windex with “ammonia D” as well as Clorox are both legal. Mix them in your sink, and see how that works out for you.

The Problem is People Not THINGS!

Guns, explosives, household cleaners and little Johnny’s baseball bat do not kill people. People kill people. Telephones don’t kill people, but a telephone cord in the hands of “Joe Salami” in New York sure will. Joe’s also partial to plastic wrap. A well placed rock does quite well.

When someone decides to rid the ground of your shadow anything will do. I could fill up this article with everything from rolling pins to ice picks, but the fact remains that if the Austin Bomber didn’t have a fire cracker he could have just as easily used any and all of the above because he was CRAZY!

When someone decides to rid the ground of your shadow anything will do.

The cops are searching for a motive. There isn’t one. Look for common factors between the victims. If there isn’t one, then he was BatCrap crazy, which is about as crazy as you can get, and still run for political office. This problem does not flow from weapons, tools, devices, or anything else. It stems from a dysfunctional society.

This nation is morally bankrupt. When you ask anyone to recite the Ten Commandments they’ll only know the ones they break.

The world laughs at us. They KNOW we are mostly crazy. We had a national, gut wrenching debate over gay marriage. Mexico just passed a law. If you will note, Britain didn’t have a civil war either. They just outlawed slavery. Americans are always the ones who’ll manually blow up a life preserver when just pulling the little red tag is faster, and easier.

So, the point is KILLING with a bomb is illegal. Killing indiscriminately with ANY gun is illegal. What if we outlaw the dreaded AR15? Some kid goes bonkers in home room. What’s next? Pencils? This nation is morally bankrupt. When you ask anyone to recite the Ten Commandments they’ll only know the ones they break. As for me, thank God there’s not one that says, “Thou shall not drink whiskey to excess!” Wait, I need to double check that.

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