False Flags and the Liberal Agenda

An old Naval term enjoys a comeback

False Flags


False FlagsFalse Flags and the Liberal Agenda

Have you noticed that every time there’s a mass shooting that certain conservatives jump up, and even before the smoke clears, declare it to be a False Flag? First, a definition.



False flag refers to covert operations designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party (group or nation) being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.

This practice fell into ineffectiveness when ships developed long range arms, modern communications, and being able to recognize a ship by its outline.

Thank you, Wikipedia. The origin of the term False Flag is Naval. It’s where you run up a flag, not your own in order to get close enough to the enemy to lob a cannon ball into their side in a surprise attack. This practice fell into ineffectiveness when ships developed long range arms, modern communications, and being able to recognize a ship by its outline.


Roses ain’t red,  skies ain’t blue, anything the government says ain’t true

False Flags have enjoyed a resurgence with the mass shootings because the conservatives never trusted Obama, and wouldn’t trust the government to tell them the skies are blue. While I agree with their philosophy, I think a little common sense is required here.

False Flag Google search
On any disaster you can Google hundreds of False Flag theorists

The latest surge of False Flag narrative comes from Parkland, Florida. It’s the same old stuff; never happened, crisis actors, they’re coming for our guns. False Flag advocates claim the shootings are scripted by the government, without realizing THEIR droning on about False Flags has become scripted as well.


Where’s the beef?

The old, “Where are the bodies?” In a mass shooting police go through great care NOT to bring the mutilated bodies of children out through the parking lot while parents are standing there hoping their child is alive. Eric Holder pointed this out about Sandy Hook when he described the “little angels” being stacked like “cord wood,” waiting to be removed, which he stopped!


Use your common sense

Then there’s logistics. So, tell me, do you believe a local church in Texas called off services, the parishioners suspected nothing, actors were flown in, the pastor, local police, the people in the congregation and the DOG catcher all agreed to go along with this plan because they were all gun control advocates and pinky swore to never breathe a word? If you believe that, have I got a bridge for you, and it’s a two for one sale!

If False Flags were proven it would delegitamatize the anti-gun agenda

So, mass shootings are real. Luby’s was real. I was there. Broken windows, cops for days, dead folks, and lots of news coverage. Does this play into the liberal agenda? You bet your boots it does. Ask yourself, if the gun control lobby suddenly found out that it had been confirmed that the government was constructing these events, and they were lies, it would destroy the entire foundation of their prime argument, that guns are killing everyone. How could you say that if guns are killing no one in active shootings? And, did you ever stop to think that our brothers and sisters of the SnowFlake variety are genuinely concerned about the prevalence of guns in our society? Now, they’re batcrap crazy, but that would delegitimize their entire pretext.


Wilbur in 2020!

You have to look at this objectively. Go right back to my previous article. How do we curtail school shootings? Pick up three hundred and fifty million guns? Impossible. Erase the second amendment? Get real! Upgrade school security? Could happen tomorrow before the morning bell rings! I’ve listened to the questions being asked about where’s the money gonna come from, and, as one who can squeeze a nickel until Hamilton pukes, I have the answer! Take all the metal detectors and police security from the courthouses, and put ‘em in the schools! Protect our kids, and clear the docket at the same time. I ought to be president!

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