Syracuse University Student Deported After Gun Store Owner Prevents Potential School Shooting


The actions of a small-town gun store owner helped police short-circuit what they believe was a Syracuse University student’s plan to commit a mass shooting.

As a result, Xiaoteng Zhan, 22, was deported to his home country of China last month, according to Police did not reveal the incident had taken place until Friday.

In early March, Zhan visited The Gun Store in the Madison County town of Nelson, population 1,980, shop owner John Laubscher told The town is about 15 miles from Syracuse. Laubscher said Zhan wanted an AR-15.

“When we explained to him the limitations on AR’s that you can get in New York, he jumped right from that to a shotgun, and then his interest was in the highest capacity shotgun that we had,” he told CNY Central.

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