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The Idiot’s Guide in How To Kill Families For Fun and Profit


The All American Family drove over a cliff running from the Child Protective Services.

Hart Family The mixed Hart family killed in a suicide pact between two lesbian lovers. I will not call them parents because I’m a Texan, and to refer to two sexually confused women as parents is an abomination before God, but that having been said, they did have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, whatever that happiness may be, and I reserve the judgement to God because that’s his job.

In photos, the Hart family was all smiles, projecting an image of a diverse, modern family with two white mothers and six adopted children

Gay plus eight was under continual assault by the CPS. A CPS investigation gives no rest. As they migrated across the country, the reports were voluminous. Kids jumping out of windows, calling for help. Telling neighbors they were starved, abused, and scared. I’m of two minds on this, and I’m going to surprise you.

If you are a gay couple, have sex, and see which one gets pregnant. That’ll be the girl. Oh, I still have that bridge for sale.

First off, I don’t believe in “two mommies” or “two daddies!” It’s unnatural, goes against the natural order of things, and even though there are children raised in such circumstances, children generally need a real mommy and daddy. A real ying and yang. A real Ozzie and Harriet. The fact that these two women adopted shows a system completely out of control. If you are a gay couple, have sex, and see which one gets pregnant. That’ll be the girl. Oh, I still have that bridge for sale.

The deadly crash came as child protection personnel in Washington state were trying to visit the family after a report of a child’s complaint of mistreatment. When officials came to visit the Hart’s home in Woodland, Washington, no one answered.


CPS attacks

Next is the hard part. You have two women, thinking they are married, raising kids with the blessing of the state, when it suddenly becomes apparent this is a cluster screw! Well, DUH! Most people, even in Californication do not agree with this lifestyle, so right off there’s the social pressure bearing down on the family. Then, they’re bi-racial. Rainbow kids. The kids don’t know if they’re male or female, white or black, from Venus or Mars. And this is daily folks. Every day, every conversation, no friends except other weird people. And, on top of that the CPS attacks. Everything had always been on the line as they lived the impossible dream, and now everything they had known and loved was being snatched away by the very system hat created them!


Lesbians were paid $270,000 + in adoption incentives  as Texas blessed that mess!

When the mustard and grape jelly sandwich THEY made begins to sour it’s time to investigate “at this tiiiiime!” The family, if you can call it that, is about to be broken up, because that’s what the CPS does, breaks up families. The “evidence” piled up. Let me tell you about evidence in family court.


Foster children can have a condition known as “RAD,” Reactive Attachment Disorder.” It comes from not bonding, or being abused in the first two years of life. When a child, any child, is removed from natural parents, even babies, they become detached. Having lost the most important person in their life, even before they can speak, they cannot “attach” to anyone else, because life has proven to them everything is dust in the wind, especially people. Some, if not all of the Hart children had RAD.


They burn out foster parents like Roman Candles

RAD kids turn on the care provider. They believe in “next!” These are the foster children who go from home to home as they burn out foster parents like Roman candies. They give statements to police, school, and CPS that can have absolutely no basis in reality. Mommy stabbed them with a knife, but no ER report, and no wound. They’re being starved, yet under doctor’s care the weight is being monitored which is within all norms.

They said the child had food issues, stealing people’s food at school, eating out of garbage cans or off the floor. That case was closed.

The CPS takes this all as gospel, and, smelling a check for foster-adopt, launches a case because, after all, “it’s all about the children!” So here we have possibly six “RADs,” Two sexually confused adults, and the Child Protective Services, foaming at the mouth for payday, and what do you get? The All American Family scattered on the rocks at the bottom of a cliff in California!

Are you mad yet

Are you mad yet? Offended? Let me ask, are you offended at the complete failure of the rainbow adoption, or are you offended by me pointing it out to you. Know what offends me? Dead kids on rocks who should have never been in that SUV in the first place. Now swat them bees!

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