Dear Mr Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg vs the people



Mark Zuckerberg addresses Congress 


Mark Zuckerberg Dear Mr Zuckerberg,

The country watched you closely for two days this week. The attention paid to you being equal to the first arrival of the Beatles. For hours the senators questioned you. I watched closely, too.

There is a kind of millennial aloof nature in their attitude. I saw that in you, Mr Zuckerberg, and that bothers me.

I have five grandchildren still at home. From time to time, when I’m checking what they’re watching on YouTube, there is a type of video that dominates the service. The genre is some geek kid critiquing video games. Now, the viewer isn’t playing the game, they are watching  the game, long played as the moderator lends his input about technique, tricks of the game, but mostly snide, vulgar remarks. More “F” bombs than there are missiles falling on Syria right now. There is a kind of millennial aloof nature in his attitude. I saw that in you, Mr Zuckerberg, and that bothers me.

As the senators probed, you ducked, dodged, and hid, but mostly you capitalized on their lack of knowledge about social media. Sky smirks, and sideways glances showed your disrespect for our elected officials. Your mindset seemed to be that these leaders of our nation were somehow beneath you. You allowed them into your presence, but you never explained, you “apologized,” talked in circles, and sometimes just plain lied! When Senator Ted Cruz challenged your algorithms that were obviously aimed at conservatives, you said something about California being “left leaning!” I hate to tell you this, but California doesn’t run the country. It can barely run itself! When Mr Cruz asked about Diamond and Silk, you told him that issue is solved? Really! Today, six views in a pool of over a million subscribers today! Looks like business as usual, Mr Zuckerberg. But, why tell the senator the truth? He’s just an illiterate Texan!


They understand disrespectful kids

Here’s a truth. Those old Fuddy Duddies up there may not understand much more than how to post a picture of their grandbaby on your service because they’re busy running the country, and don’t have the time to put up pictures of their lunch, but you know what they DO understand? They understand disrespectful kids, law, the constitution, and regulatory agencies. They also understand history. Your reading assignment tonight is the history of a company lovingly remembered as “Ma Bell.” They were the only phone company in town, and there wasn’t anything we could do about it until one day . . . there was this hearing.

Good Day, Mr Zuckerberg

Bill the Butcher

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