The rebirth of America

  • Uncle SamThe one thing the Snowflakes and foreigners can’t seem to get through their heads is President Donald J Trump is an AmeriCAN, pronounced Ämer Ī CAN! The world has enjoyed eight years of milk toast, apologetics by the Obama (I hate to use the word “administration.”) From bowing to goat herders to issuing ladders to every wetback that needed one, we, as Americans, have been reduced to the level of the world’s court jester.

This country was not formed by people who braved the North Atlantic, took a continent away from the people who were already here, and fought a war to make every man free just to go along to get along. The ancestors of the founders all came over by boat. I don’t care if it was the Mayflower or a slave ship. We’re all in the same boat now!

I don’t give a damn about Syria. Sorry to burst your humanitarian bubble, but that’s just me. If you want to get my sympathy, ask me for a donation for the Center For Retired Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I hear all these poor, downtrodden people over there wailing about atrocities committed by their leader, but THEY did this. When they were on their prayer rugs, hating America, he didn’t bother them at all! It was only after they fully understood the ultimate goal of Islam, I. E. kill everyone until the last man standing (women don’t count) that they began to realize WHY certain people made that boat ride so many years ago.

Wanna know why Trump blew the hell out of Syria? Because he CAN! AmeriCAN! All this mamby-pamby, homosexual, cry baby, doomsday logic is not going to trump Trump because he’s an AmeriCAN. Real Americans have always done this. The Prime Minister of England returned from a meeting in Germany announcing “Peace in our time,” and in short order Hitler slapped him around like a school girl under the bleachers in Lampasas, Texas! WE had to go over before they started teaching German as a second language in London.

The liberal media, and even Alex Jones were screaming WORLD WAR III forty-eight hours ago. I don’t see any mushroom clouds, folks. Putin runs a good game. He announced super missiles two weeks ago, ones that could swoop and swerve, even stop for Red lights. Where are they now? When death and destruction rained down from the skies the Russians must’ve been out for a vodka break because even they know we are now being led by an AmeriCAN!

We ARE better than the rest of the world. China may make iPhones, but we INVENTED them! China hasn’t invented anything since gunpowder, and Russia’s last innovation was indoor toilets. Get some perspective people. Stop counting Trumps girlfriends, and start counting the bricks in that wall on our southern border that will be built by an AmeriCAN!

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