Mexico has won the war on drgs


DrugsDrugs would not be pouring across our border if there wasn’t a huge market for them. The national preoccupation with the drug problem has cost the American taxpayers billions, and all they got for their money was more potent drugs, better delivery systems, and rich Mexicans. Rich Mexicans! What an oxymoron!

If you go by the sheer volume of narcotics flowing into the US, by that measure America is the most depraved society in the history of the world. A society so bad that it takes tons of Coke just to cope with it. The Romans pale in comparison.

You cannot cure America’s drug habit by punishing users, driven by a broken system to numb themselves to a world gone mad. You must fix the problem at the root. Unemployment, ANTIFA, Gay rights, Black Lives Matter, White Lives NOT Mattering, crooked FBI, Homeland Security, and TSA fingering your butt every time you get on a plane. America, you’ve got me cornered again. I think I’ll roll another joint!

The criminal justice system is a prime example of government making a killing from drugs. Now work with me here. Guy gets arrested for drugs. It don’t matter what drugs . . . DRUGS! Gets five years in the joint studying gay sex. Serves three. Gets paroled. Goes to a halfway house full of what? DRUG ADDICTS! Asks the parole board to allow him to go far away, to another state to be away from the elements that lure him to drugs. Parole Board says, “No!” He has to stay where he’s at so he can take classes for the next two years on how to just say, “No!” Takes about eight months before he relapses, and repeats the whole cycle again. Don’t you wanna know why?

Money! The best paid employees in the cartels are American parole officers. And those parole officers, halfway houses, and therapists, are funded! You don’t think there’s a link? How many guns did Obama sell El Chappo again? If the guy simply moves off into the desert, never to be seen again, they won’t get no mo’ money, and perhaps have to find real jobs. We can’t have that. We gotta have a war on drugs. News flash! The Mexicans won that war.

I have an idea. Why don’t we legalize marijuana and cocaine? Just those two. Sell grass in 7/11’s, and coke in liquor stores. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the kids are gonna get it. Like they don’t get it now, right? The kids are snorting CONDOMS up their noses, and chewing Tide Pods, and you’re wondering if we have a problem!

There is a certain portion of any society that seeks to warp reality. Hippies, people who use drugs, transcendentalists, politicians, and of course, Mormons. Like the Good Lord said, these folks you’ll always have with you. So legalize, fraternize, and subsidize, and stop Paco from making more money than Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Walmart combined!

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  1. Good story Billy, except the part about legalizing marijuana and cocain. Drugs are drugs and need to be stopped.my son has been in and out of jail for years and it all started with grass. The grass wasn’t the reason he went to jail, it was Meth. When you legalize drugs you will have more work accidents and unemployed users of the legal substances. We need to close the boarders and spend more time inspecting ships and planes (private, not the large airlines although they need to inspect checked luggage).