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American Poor

American PoorWell, here we go again! Officer O’Flannery, I mean Uncle Sam is racing to police yet another cluster-screw perpetrated by the very folks the Pilgrims jumped on a dingy to get away from. We will never learn.

Vietnam was a debacle. The only thing we got out of that is a wall filled with the names of dead soldiers, and the living ones still struggling with PTSD over a half century later. And what starts it all? Pictures of children.

Now, I’m not for kids getting hurt. It amazes me, however, that while the media plasters this all over the news, they walk right by the kids in LA, Detroit, and the 5th Ward of Houston. God bless America! Back in the 50’s we were treated with starving kids in Africa with their bellies sticking out to there and flies crawling all over their lips. I be like, “CHEW STUPID!” All the while the American kids eat their shoes. Don’t you wanna know why? Because it is easier to steal the contributions over THERE than here. You may swat them bees now.

United Way, the Red Cross, Christian Children’s Fund, and all the rest are scams. If they’ve been feeding staving kids for all these years how come we still got starving kids. Because they cooperate with criminal governments who starved the kids in the FIRST place, that’s why!

The European nations don’t do this because they dealt with these huddled masses for years. When the sun finally set on the British Empire they all moved to London and went on the dole. They brought all of their problems with them from their religion to their appetites.

So, “Save The Children” is on its way to Syria. Assad gassed ‘em, so were a gonna fix that with Tomahawk missiles. Sounds like a plan to me. We’ll just bomb the hell out of every hole that looks like there’s a still inside. The same government that saved all those kids in Waco. Yep! Here we go again.

Bill the Butcher
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