White House: Merkel to meet again with Trump next week

Wednesday, officials said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will make her second visit to the White House next week to address a broad range of challenges with President Donald Trump.She will arrive to meet with Trump April 27, the White House said in a statement. They will also give a joint news conference in the Rose Garden.

Shortly after Trump took office in 2017, Merkel was one of the first foreign leaders to meet with Trump, in March, just weeks into his presidency — and the pair discussed matters like NATO, the European Union, Russia and trade.

At the first meeting, Trump and Merkel expressed optimism that trade relations with the European Union can more fairly benefit both countries. The German leader also said the world must do more to address the European refugee crisis.

Merkel, Germany’s chancellor since 2005, was re-elected last month.

The  two leaders will reaffirm the German-American partnership — a bedrock of the transatlantic relationship and the NATO Alliance according to the White House.

Merkel acknowledged the opposing positions adopted by Germany, which has taken in large numbers of refugees, and the United States under Trump, which has sought to ban U.S. travel for several of the hardest-hit Muslim countries.

Earlier, Trump said that Merkel was ruining Germany, and made a big mistake by allowing in more than a million refugees and migrants in recent years.