Another Victory For Gun Control

And the beat goes on

Toronto killer

Another Victory For Gun Control!

Toronto killer

The Toronto van attack suspect has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 cases of attempted murder. On Monday, Alek Minassian, 25, was arrested as the suspected driver of a rented van which mounted the pavement on the corner of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue. SkyNews

Now there’s a fine Irish name. I’m not even gonna guess his religion. Probably a Southern Baptist. This onion has so many layers, where do I begin. Ok, guns. Vans don’t kill people, people kill people. People kill people with guns, knives, cars, vans, semi-trucks, baseball bats, tire tools, and grandma’s rolling pin. Some housewives kill their husbands with non-stop thirty years of nagging. If we outlawed every conceivable way people get rid of people, we’d all be walking around buck naked with Vaseline in our hair.

The new weapon of choice for the holiest of holies is the automobile. Just plow through a group of people having lunch on a sidewalk café and it’s, “Aloha Saladbar!” How you gonna prepare for that. Forbid privately owned vehicles downtown? Ahmed would just hijack a city bus, and the body count would increase exponentially.

Now, I’m sympathetic with the dead, injured, and the families thereof, but I would like to point out that places like CANADA, and BRITAIN, roll in their anti-American sentiment like a dog in a dead armadillo  while “certain” people continually pop them off like a shooting gallery in a carnival. Just Saying! Britain now has a knife law, praised by the mayor of London. Now, I don’t wanna get racist here, but that guy’s seen a camel or two in his life. The English laid down with dogs, and now they’re all a-scratching. Damnedest thing I ever saw!

We in the USA have our own brand of nuts. BUT, we also have guns, lots of ‘em! I know, I know, if we didn’t have guns . . . then we’d have to throw Boston Cream Pie at the next wannabe NASCAR driver who changes lanes to the sidewalk. Maybe that would throw him off. Do I have to tell you people everything?

I’m a Simple ol Boy From Austin. I don’t buy into mental illness, weird hippy religions, or cutting the horns off a goat so he’ll be more accepted by the other goats. If you’re so crazy you want to kill shoppers on a Monday, lock your butt up in an INSANE ASYLUM until Jesus comes back. When your religion says ANYTHING about killing folks because they eat pork, then take your religion back to where it came from, and kill folks over there. You think people don’t have the God given right to defend their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness . . . uh, move to California.

And one more thing. The Po Po be always looking for a “motive.” Girl was sunbathing on her deck with her top off, and Mohammed came along and decided to rape her. Police are looking for a motive. Look in your pants, numbnut! If you’re a liberal democrat you may not find anything there. I’ll understand. Just waiting for the anti-gun lobby to tie this to gun control. Oh, and that bridge is still on sale!

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