Digging Dirt as a Liberal Art Form

The liberal left and brown dirt politics

Dr Jackson

Dr Jackson

If you want to dig dirt on me you’d better bring a dump truck because brother, I’ve done it all! If there is anything I missed it’s only because nobody told me, for if they did I’d have done that too!

Remember that. Jot it down. There’ll be a test later. It’s called “life”

WASHINGTON — The White House withdrew the nomination of Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, the White House physician, to lead the Veterans Affairs Department on Thursday after lawmakers went public with a torrent of accusations leveled against him by nearly two dozen current and former colleagues from the White House medical staff. (New York Times)

While appointees to public office should be scrutinized there are limits to the level involved. Also, we should scrutinize the scrutinizers. With the MeToo movement we have come into the era of “What She Said” testimony which has now bled over to the halls of Congress. Dr Jackson has now fallen to the politics of innuendo.

The avalanche of charges against him begs the question, how in the world did this man maintain his license stumbling around drunk, crashing cars, and pimping prescriptions all these years? Use your common sense. His sins are really that he’s a conservative republican, and Donald Trump nominated him.

Meanwhile, President Trump marches on. From the tax bill to North and South Korea French kissing, the Donald is writing a whole new version of “Mr Smith Goes To Washington,” It will take the liberals years to refoul the government after he leaves office, be it four or eight years. As his nominees hit the beachhead inside the Beltway, some may stand, and some may fall, but with each day America becomes a little bit greater. Y’all notice we ain’t in World War III after the Syrian raid? China is coming to her milk too. Being portrayed as an economic world power was all very fine until a real capitalist took control. Now it’s “Honorable bowl of rice, please!”

The liberals probably consider the defeat of Dr Jackson to be a great victory. That’s the level they’ve been reduced to. But, I guess even the slaves should be allowed to eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table. In time I believe most of the SnowFlakes will thaw. We can put the rest in a Residential Treatment Center.

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