Facebook is the Problem Not Conservatives, Not Trump!

Escape from Stalag Facebook


Facebook glitchFacebook has finally gotten on my last nerve! Took a stay in the infamous Facebook Jail today. Wrote an article, “ANTIFA is the Problem” that the Guru Of Silicon Valley deemed unacceptable !

ANTIFA Is The Problem! Not Church, Not Guns!

I’ve stopped using Facebook as a viable publishing alternative quite a while ago for the various reasons I’ve pointed out here many times. It doesn’t matter if I post a link on Facebook or not, my National reads remain the same. With this paper, The Dam Good Times, Google Plus, text and email my articles make their way around the circuit no matter how many wads Mark Zuckerberg gets in his shorts. And those people READ!

Here’s Everything That’s Banned on Facebook, All on One Page

Was the single article the problem? No. The problem was me taking off after the CEO of Facebook as he made a Jackalope out of himself before that committee couple weeks back. While he sat on his briefcase in an attempt to be taller than Ted Cruz, I showed him to be the snotty-nosed, punk kid that he really was. Moreover, I systematically outlined the eventual demise of his dating service according to Murphy’s law of DotCom. It took those SnowFlakes two weeks to find something I’d written that transgressed their community standards.

Community Standards! Don’t get me started. Advertising the sale of dope with free delivery. Pictures of naked little girls, covered with cherries. Letting personal data be mined by anyone who wants it. Calling the First Lady a whore, the president a whore MONGER, and his youngest son an ill clad idiot kid. These are all kosher according to Facebook community standards.

Attack on women
A Facebook discussion group of rejected men regularly discussed harm to women. Facebook did not remove it until the bodies were cleared from the street.

Talking about Muslims, saying anything good about God, Jesus, or guns? Thirty days in the Facebook County Jail! Well, enough! I’m lazy, and I’m stupid. I’m lazy in the fact that I work systems the same way every day, even when part of said systems don’t work. I’m stupid in that I mistook Mark Zuckerberg for a literate, thinking man!

So this time I’m truly leaving Facebook. I will no longer post there in any way, not an article, not a comment, not one single like! Tomorrow I WILL post a link to this article to alert a few friends where they can find me from now on.

Im not upset about this. I’d be upset if I’d have depended on that millennial out there in California for any kind of reasonable result. I didn’t, he won’t, and that’s THAT. I look forward to bringing you many more articles and enjoying IS OUR PRESIDENT make America Great Again. Not California. . . AMERICA!

Adios MoFo
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